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Statue of the Virgin Mary in Elmhurst Vandalized; NYPD Investigating as Potential Hate Crime

(Diocese of Brooklyn)

July 10, 2020 By Allie Griffin

A statue of the Virgin Mary in front of a Catholic high school in Elmhurst has been vandalized and the NYPD is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

The word “IDOL” was spray painted down the front of the statue at Cathedral Prep School and Seminary, located at 56-25 92nd St.

Staff members first discovered the graffiti at 7:30 a.m. this morning, the Diocese of Brooklyn — which also covers the borough of Queens — announced. The statue has since been cleaned.

Surveillance footage from the scene shows an individual defacing the statue of Mary at 3:09 a.m. this morning, July 10.

Cathedral Prep Vandalism from Diocese of Brooklyn Press Office on Vimeo.

The statue of the mother of Jesus has stood in front of the school for decades. It originally stood at the school’s Brooklyn location but was moved to the Queens location when the two campuses merged in 1985.

Rector and President of Cathedral Prep, Father James Kuroly, condemned the act of vandalism.

“Today, Cathedral Prep endured an act of hatred,” Kuroly said. “We were victims of vandalism against a beloved statue that is dear to generations of Cathedral students.”

“Please continue praying for those who committed this act of vandalism and hatred toward Our Lady and the Church,” Father Kuroly said. “May Mary stand forever at the doors of Cathedral Prep greeting her sons.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the NYPD’s 110th Precinct at (718) 476-9311 or call NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-8477.

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Pat Macnamara

If it was a synagogue defaced it would be called a hate crime. If it was a mosque defaced it would be called a hate crime. No need for investigating how to label this act-it is a hate crime against Catholics. Then again we have a government that allows marauding packs of unwashed malcontents to vandalize public and private property, assault civilians and police officers, and defy executive orders regarding social distancing and wearing of face coverings.


“Stupid” teenagers have murdered people, driven while intoxicated and killed people and committed horrendous crimes.

Being a teenager does not excuse a person from responsibility!


More food for though…
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by Troy Mullens (thinkamerica)
Louis Farrakhan Accuses Dr. Fauci And Bill Gates Of Plotting To ‘Depopulate The Earth’ With Vaccines (thinkamerica)
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Llyod Marcus

Let’s start educating ourselves to move FOWARD TOGETHER- ALL NATIONS- ALL RELIGIONS- ALL COLORS! We Are a RAINBOW- We Are GLOBAL- We are One FAMILY under GOD!


Blessed Mother wasn’t a Confederate general ! This IS a HATE CRIME! Your SKIN TONE matters but our RELIGION doesn’t? Freedom of religion is in the Consitution and the Bill of Rights! Your political comments about DUMB democrats (however true) doesn’t belong here! We catholics pray for YOU! STOP DRAGGING US in-YOUR-MESS! Blessed Mother also represents ALL MOTHERS who LOST A CHILD! She lost Her SON Jesus cause of RACISM! The Romans and the ELITE Jews CRUSIFIED HIM! How is that different to families today, EVERYDAY losing a child from an act of violence!
8-year-old killed in shooting at Alabama mall (abc news)

Arrest made in shooting of 7-year-old girl grazed by bullet in East Harlem….(abc news)
4 shot in Brooklyn in 90 minutes, including 11-year-old, as shooting spike continues…(abc news)
15-year-old shot in East Harlem as surge in violence continues….(abc news)

3 arrested after 12-year-old shot in Jersey City….(abc news)

Driver high on drugs fatally hits 4-year-old girl in Brentwood…(abc news)

Attack at church in South Africa leaves 5 dead…(abc news)

All Children Hurt or Lost caused by this Continuing acts of HATE! Black, White, Yellow, Brown…IT DON’T MATTER!
Hate causes suffering and you will never be “HAPPY” trying to justify it!

Check out:
Klein Oak Coach Jason Glenn gives inspiring speech about race in America to his football players…
(abc news)
“We Are the World”by USA for AFRICA…(youtube)

Stop being a tool for a divided America. This still boils down to an election between two “white” guys and the “black” president before did nothing to help a racially divided nation that we are quickly becoming do to the media steering us that way…

“Let He without Sin Cast The First Stone!” (the bible)


Mary lost a son? Have you totally forgotten the end of the story?

Jesus rose from the dead!

Johnny appleseed

Yea I see the connection between virgin Mary statue and what it stands for and Confederate statues. Your a pretty smart dude.


This was obviously an act of vandalism and a possible hate crime. I hope they find the perpetrator and punish him.

Having said that, it seems some people love statues more than people. Let’s be honest, Confederate generals were fighting against the United States and killing Americans. Yet, some misguided politicians are spending their time more worried over a statue of a traitor than the health and well being of the American people. They care more about winning an election than the fact that already over 133,000 Americans have died. How sad is that?


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