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More Than 50 Citi Bike Stations Will Be Installed in Astoria in the Coming Weeks

A Citi Bike docking station has been installed at the corner of Northern Boulevard and 42nd Place (Queens Post)

Jan. 15, 2021 By Allie Griffin

More than 50 new Citi Bike docking stations will be installed in Astoria in coming weeks as the bike-share company expands its network deeper into Queens.

The expansion will extend Citi Bike’s service area north of Ditmars Boulevard and east of Steinway Street. There will be 52 docking stations in the new coverage area that will cover 2.11 square miles.

Citi Bike first came to Astoria in 2017, after getting a foothold in the borough when it installed stations in Long Island City in 2015. The bike share company also has plans to install stations in Sunnyside and Woodside this spring.

The 52 new Astoria locations were chosen based on public input collected by the Department of Transportation (DOT) through virtual town halls, its online portal and community board meetings.

Four of the 52 Citi Bike stations are already in place. They are located at 38th Street & Northern Boulevard; 42nd Place & Northern Boulevard; 43rd Street & 35th Avenue and 30th Avenue & 41st Street.

More stations will come online throughout the remainder of January and into February.

Citi Bike station in Long Island City (Photo: Queens Post)

“With more and more New Yorkers choosing cycling as a sustainable and healthy form of transportation during the COVID-19 crisis, we are thrilled to ring in 2021 with this expansion of Citi Bike in Astoria and Steinway,” said NYC DOT Queens Borough Commissioner Nicole Garcia.

Several of the new docking stations will be in areas of Astoria that are far from public transportation options.

“Many of these new stations are in parts of the neighborhood further away from the subway, and our bikes combined with upcoming in-app transit information will make it even easier for riders to get to the N, W, R and M trains,” said Laura Fox, General Manager for Citi Bike.

The Astoria expansion is part of the DOT’s plan to build out the bike-sharing network across New York City that began in 2013 with Phase 1 of its installation process.

The DOT is currently in the midst of Phase 3 of the Citi Bike expansion that involves doubling the service area across the city to 70 square miles and tripling the number of bikes to 40,000.

The 52 new docking stations in Astoria are part of this phase.

The DOT is also planning to install Citi Bike stations in Sunnyside and Woodside this spring under Phase 3. The number of docking stations has yet to be determined.

A map of the incoming Citi Bike stations in Astoria is below.

Citi Bike expansion in Astoria (Lyft)

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Not Happy About Citibike

But to install four Citibike docking stations in a 0.25 mile radius seems to be outrageous. For example, there are at least three docks within a block near Ditmars stop which handicapped many parking spots for locals who drive to work to Long Island and NJ. Perhaps keeping one station under the bridge seems to make more efficient and more considerate.


Why m, why do we need so many citi bikes in so close in radius it’s so ridiculous and unfair to auto owners.
Can someone rethink this???


A contract that was never up for bid received a 10 year extension to 2029 versus the standard 5 year extension. The company and its financial backers are affiliated with Bloomberg’s administration such as the former deputy mayor and they made sure to do the same with the current administration. What cut of revenue is nyc getting and with over 50 stations in Astoria, does Astoria get a cut for programs or local charities. We’re economic studies done on what happens with less cars on the road and less car registration payments being made? How about quality of life studies with dirt and litter being blown or dropped around these 4 car length monstrosities.

J Saunders

Bike station on 30 Avenue and 47 Street…really 4 blocks from subway , & on a bus route. 3 schools in area. We need more parking, not bike stations. BTW another set of bikes stations 2 blocks away=40 stations

Devin Barbee

This will no doubt lead to less parking in the area where I live; between 46th and 51st Streets/25th and 30th Avenues.

Parking is already limited in this area. Since there is no alternate side parking, people usually leave their cars for days or weeks on end. Additionally, some people purposely take up space when they park and the Revel Scooters are now taking away space. There are virtually no parking garages in the area.

I have a car and use to have an off street parking spot. Since I lost that spot, on a bad night, I would spend up to an hour searching for a parking spot. And no, I cannot get rid of my car and have not been able to find another off street parking spot.

I wish the city would paint lines for parking spots like they do on Roosevelt Island. Or bring alternate side parking in my area. This would at least deter people from leaving their cars parked for an extended period of time.


Goodbye to 50 more parking spaces. Together with the restaurants set up in the streets (which I do understand are necessary right now) I won’t be making my usual frequent trips to Astoria to eat and shop. It’s just too difficult to park. I will miss it.

Jay cane

individuals riding with no care in the world with a sense of entitlement when it comes to sharing the road. get ready for many accidents unfortunately. these type of programs should only unlock on sat &sun. off peak to protect the carefree individual who like to believe cars dont exist.


I bike to work. Very strange to say that other people have a sense of entitlement when it comes to sharing the road when you are literally saying you are better and deserve to have the road.

Your Neighbor

Via the Tax Foundation charts and rankings of how far highway tolls, state gas taxes, and user fees for license registration, vehicle weight, and the like pay for road projects (pave and repairs) within NY state borders at around 70 percent, that would give him every reason to feel entitled when it comes to sharing the road with unregistered scooters and bikes that hold no regard to traffic patterns or laws. This is not aimed at you specifically, just what it is.

Pat Macnamara

Why? So bored unemployed people can make life miserable for those who need to drive around the city? What is this obsession with bikes? Why not more trash cans so the sidewalks don’t look like a landfill?


This costs nothing to the city. I’m down with more trash cans too.

What makes you think we are unemployed? I ride CitiBike to work. You would rather have more people drive cars and create traffic?


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