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Congresswoman Meng Receives Barrage of Racist Voicemails After Condemning Anti-Asian Rhetoric

Congresswoman Grace Meng (Office of Congresswoman Grace Meng)

Sept. 28, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Queens Congresswoman Grace Meng has received a barrage of racist and anti-Asian voicemails after passing a resolution in the House of Representatives earlier this month condemning such behavior.

Meng introduced the resolution to denounce anti-Asian sentiment related to the coronavirus pandemic in March and the House passed it on Sept. 17. Since then, her office has had numerous callers leave offensive and obscene messages personally attacking her and Asian Americans.

Meng compiled the audio recordings into a video along with clips of President Donald Trump in which he called the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu.”

Several callers used foul language and mentioned the virus by the anti-Asian names used by the president, the video shows.

“Anti-Asian hysteria and discrimination must end,” the video says as it ends.

Meng’s resolution denouncing anti Asian rhetoric didn’t pass the House unanimously, with 164 Republicans voting against it.

“164 Republicans voted against #HRes908 & couldn’t condemn this hate,” she Tweeted. “Words & actions have consequences.”

The video Meng posted also features a clip of President Trump responding to reporter’s question about his use of the words “Chinese virus.”

The reporter asks Trump if referring to the virus that way puts Asian Americans at risk. Trump cut the reporter off mid sentence and said “No.”

Meng denounced Trump for calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” when her resolution passed Sept. 17. She said it was only stoking people’s fears and hatred, while scapegoating Asian Americans.

“These are more than just hateful and irresponsible words,” Meng added. “This language has fueled the increase of threats and attacks against those of Asian descent, and many Asian Americans continue to live in fear.”

The number of reported hate crimes against Asian Americans in New York City has jumped since mid-March, according to the NYPD. The NYPD established an Asian Hate Crimes Task Force in August.

“Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Asian Americans have been forced to endure demeaning and disgusting acts of bigotry and hate, consisting of everything from verbal assaults to physical attacks,” Meng said.

Meng’s resolution calls on federal law enforcement officials to investigate and document all credible reports of hate crimes and threats against the Asian American community in the U.S. and bring the perpetrators to justice.

It also calls on the law enforcement to collect data on the rise of hate crimes due to COVID-19.

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Viruses/bacteria/amoeba etc. don’t have nationalities as they can pop up anywhere in the world. All diseases are global concerns. Blaming a country or a race for a virus, bacteria, amoeba, or whatever microbe that causes diseases is just wrong and nonsensical.


President Trump called it the “Chinese virus” because the virus originated in China. Duh. Congresswoman Meng, stop wasting our time and get something done in Congress that actually matters to the American people.

Trump called it the "Kung Flu"

We’re discussing Trump calling it the “Kung Flu,” not something else.

I wonder why you skipped over the part of the article where Trump makes more bigoted statements?!


Sadly, our nation’s leadership and specifically the guy in the White House have encouraged this sort of horrid, racist reaction. Grace Meng is an American and should not be treated in this fashion. To think that 164 representatives voted against her bill simply shows how far our nation has fallen in the last four years!

Jefferson's Ghost

I wonder what Meng thinks of the anti-CAUCASIAN feelings her fellow Asians in Flushing display on a daily basis. They had to be forced to put signs up in English.

Why does the Radical Right want everything to be PC?

Why are you making this about your identity politics?


You sound delusional. Those businesses with Chinese signs are not anti-anything. They are simply first generation business owners whose customer base is primarily Chinese. You see that in other ethnic neighborhoods all over city/country. I have seen store signs in Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Greek, etc. with no accompanying English signs. This doesn’t mean these stores are anti anybody.

Joh Fredersen

It also calls on the law enforcement to collect data on the rise of hate crimes due to COVID-19. I thought she wanted to defund the police. Very mixed messages. Sounds like the same 2 or 3 people who have left her voicemails. Is the newly formed Asian Hate Crime Task Force not doing their job? Why aren’t the Asian communities protesting and looting to decry the systemic racism they are experiencing then?


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