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Bronx Man Sentenced up to Seven Years for Using Stolen I.D. to Buy Lexus at Northern Blvd. Dealership

Lexus Dealership (Google)

May 10, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

A Bronx man has been sentenced to 3 1/2 to seven years in prison for using a stolen identity to purchase a $70,000 Lexus from a Long Island City car dealership.

Josue Aguilar, 28, was sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty to second degree larceny in March of this year.

Aguilar, according to the charges, entered a Lexus car dealership, located at 40-40 Northern Blvd., in April 2016 and asked to buy a 2016 Lexus RC–with added on packages–that boosted the car’s sale price to over $70,000.

Aguilar pretended to be a South Carolina man when making the purchase and used that individual’s social security number, driver’s license and other forms of personal identification to get a loan and finalize the deal.

Two days later, JPMorgan Chase approved a car loan for more than $70,000. Aguilar then signed the victim’s name on a contract committing the victim to monthly payments.

In the months following the sale, however, no payments were paid.

Soon after, the South Carolina man spotted the fraudulent transaction while doing a credit check and contacted his bank. The victim’s credit rating plummeted making it difficult to obtain a loan to send his son to college.

“The defendant wanted to drive in style – without paying the price tag,” said Acting District Attorney John M. Ryan. “Thanks to the defendant’s greed, the victim’s credit score dropped and affected his life in devastating ways. As a result of the low credit rating, the victim was unable to acquire a college loan for his son, refinance his home and experienced a great deal of financial hardship. This case is a warning to everyone to always protect their personal information.”

Aguilar was given an additional six months incarceration after failing to appear for his scheduled sentencing court date on May 1 of this year.

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Mark Sanders

This is why there should be a system that then immediately corrects his score and granted the loan he was denied for and if hes from SC and attempts to buy a car and rehister it in NY that should have raised a red flag with the bank but there greedy so they wont do the easy thing and call the hone ir work number if the person in there records to verify.

Juan Garrido

Ah yes his face must have dropped to the floor when he seen what a queens jury pool is comprised of. Flmao! Bye bye Papi!! . Hope your time in Tappan or Coxsakie is put well to use


“…Those people?” You don’t have to be a liberal to notice you’re one of those people, a bigot, who blames an ethnicity for the actions of one criminal.

Pat Macnamara

Not surprising it was one of those people. Now where’s that shrieking liberal who likes to complain about my posts all the time?

ANOTHER racist Trump Lover?!

Wow Pat Macnamaracist, even literally saying “those people.” Well at least you know you’re a racist turd. Do you deal with a lot of crime in the nursing home?

Butter weeda and 9trey

Hey pat they’re sleeping till 1700 today. You’ll get a response tonight when they wake up!

Luis Acevedo

That was so unbelievably racist, its not like I see a white man an automatically assume hes going to shoot up a school or church. Why make comments such as one of those people as in every spanish person is out there stealing catds or commiting frauds?


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