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Astoria Park Track and Soccer Field Opens, Seven Months Ahead of Schedule

(NYC Parks)

Oct. 24, 2019. By Shane O’Brien 

The new soccer field and running track at Astoria Park opened this morning–more than six months ahead of schedule, the Parks Department has announced.

The track and field revamp was completed after almost a year of construction. The initial timeframe to finish the project was slated to be 18 months.

The field now features an eight lane rubberized track, with the center repurposed for soccer–including a new synthetic turf.

The new field/track also includes a misting station where athletes can cool down. The Parks Department also installed new lighting, pathways and seating areas with views of the waterfront.

Fitness station at the new track (NYC Parks)

The revamp cost $13.5 million and is part of a $34 million, three-phase overhaul of the park as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Anchor Parks Project – an initiative from the mayor’s office to upgrade a major park in each of the five boroughs.

The upgrades to the track/soccer field was the first phase of the project.

Council Member Costa Constantinides welcomed the opening of the field this morning and said that the revamp was the result of almost a decade of advocating from community groups, especially the Astoria Park Alliance.

“I’m so happy to see this new track and soccer field–which we could only dream of a decade ago–is open ahead of schedule,” Constantinides said. “Astoria Park is a 60-acre jewel for this community, and this state-of-the art facility only solidified that fact.”

Attention now turns to the second phase of the project.

Phase 2, which is slated to cost $12.3 million, began earlier this month with work starting on Charybdis Playground, located north of the pool. The renovation and expansion of the playground is expected to be completed by spring 2021, according to Meghan Lalor of the Parks Department.

During this phase, the playground will be expanded to incorporate part of the pool area where there are currently spray showers. New play equipment, picnic tables and gaming tables will also be installed.

The playground work will also feature a revamp of the bathrooms which have been closed since 2015.

The plans for the third phase have not yet been finalized, but they are expected to focus on landscaping at the northern section of the park.

The Parks Department is waiting to see what budget remains after Phase 2 before deciding on the extent of the work and timeline with Phase 3.

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I work in the area and take advantage of the Astoria track area on my lunch hour. Passing the area on my home I observed a group of people inside the track area with their dogs running loose on the field were the young people will be playing soccer and football or tossing frisbee’s. I recorded the action on my phone and would be glad to supply you with a copy for viewing if you like. I would think the outside perimeter would be sufficient for purpose walking the pets. People before pets have to be the rule, more importantly young people health over pets.

Robert Laucella

Glad something beautiful is being done for the Astoria Park about the people who live in the community and those who want to visit this is a plus not a negative

Louis Bauso

Astoria park is a great recreational place to gather exercise have fun, relax and take in the wonderful sights. I enjoyed the park and pool for over 50 years and its wonderful that the city expresses interest and invests money to improve its beauty. Don’t worry all you sceptics, the vast majority off people are civic they will share the park and get along. Smile and enjoy the park. It’s one of the jewels of Astoria.

Bob Yakomin

Louis, we have a Facebook Group page named “OLMC Astoria,NY 1971 Graduates”. If you’re on FB, you should join. There’s 57 of uus. We actually had a reunion about 3 years ago. Reconnected with a lot of old friends.


I hope the soccer field doesn’t turn into Saturdays off endless grilling alcohol drinking and hawkers in the park, much as had happened in Corona Meadows.

Salvatore Coppola

Astoria Park has become overcrowded and dangerous with these motorized bikes doing wheelies up and down Shore Boulevard both directions and not one law enforcement officer has ever stopped them from doing this dangerous shit Astoria Park will only get worse as too many events are programmed for a 60 acre Park especially when we have Flushing Meadow with huge fields that can accommodate much larger crowds Astoria Park is a community park wasn’t meant to be used as it is now


“Phase 2, which is slated to cost $12.3 million”. Wow.
This is great and all but shouldn’t NYCHA rats, mold and lead paint problems get taken care of before this?


NYCHA tenants shouldn’t tolerate this injustice….they should move out and pay market rate rent like everyone else….I think the taxpayers are also tired of paying in excess of $10k a month for these roach and rat infested hell holes(also NYCHA tenants should mop and sponge their kitchen every night and keep food in plastic containers….don’t drop your garbage and used tampons out the windows)


Looks great, but the artificial turf concession is unfortunate. There is health questions about it and the material is not eco friendly.


There are alternatives to that. Plus, they are still mowing all the othe grass. Micro plastic is a longer term threat.

Old Astorian

Looks really nice! How long before people are fighting over who gets to use the pitch?

Salvatore Coppola

Wait till the soccer players start running into the joggers that should be a lot of fun, I only see trouble Happening Here


Yeah, you’re right, Sal. We should probably not have a park at all. It would probably be better to asphalt the whole thing and put up a fence, keeping everyone out. That way, no one can enjoy it.


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