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59 Citi Bike docking stations planned for Astoria, according to DOT proposal

Citi Bike expanded into LIC in 2015

April 5, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

The first batch of Citi Bikes will be rolling in to Astoria sometime this summer.

The Department of Transportation presented a map of 59 proposed locations for Citi Bike docking stations at a Community Board 1 Transportation Committee meeting last night, though DOT is still looking for feedback on the proposed locations.

Under the plan, 59 docking stations would be installed within the boundaries of Queens Plaza North, 44th Street, Ditmars Boulevard and the waterfront beginning this summer. Twelve of the locations would be installed on the roadway, and the rest would be added on the sidewalk.

CB 1 District Manager Florence Koulouris said that the Board pushed for as many locations on the sidewalk as possible to preserve parking space in the neighborhood.

Each docking station would have room for at least 16 bikes but every docking station will not necessarily be stocked at full capacity, depending on usage, Koulouris said. DOT has not yet determined how many bikes will be brought in to the neighborhood, and will adjust the amount depending on how the system is used.

The plan presented last night was a draft, and is still undergoing review and is open for public comment, allowing for tweaks if residents are concerned about bike docking station placement.

Residents with comments or concerns on the draft plan are encouraged to contact the Department of Transportation.


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Well, somebody obviously get a hold of this page and manipulated the boting on this page. Tells you all you need to know. The comments vs the rigged likes/dislikes

Aditya Saurabh

Super excited! Can we have the bikes in Jun? We will use that daily to bike to Astoria Park from 45th & Broadway to the Astoria pool and then hop to another bike to go to 21st St & Queensbridge! Then in the evening, reverse the bikes 🙂 No need to drive!!


The next time you’re in a traffic Jam I’d like you to count how many vehicles contributing to that traffic jam are cars and how many vehicles contributing to that traffic jam are bicycles. I think cars will be the overwhelming offenders. The MTA can’t extend the subway fast enough to solve our transportation issues. New taxis like Uber, etc. are increasing the auto congestion on our streets. Bikes don’t kill or pollute and they free up the road and the subway and busses for others and they offer health benefits as well. We can’t simply increase the number of cars on our streets any more. All evidence shows that when you increase auto access the number of cars just increases and congestion is back. Sorry drivers you don’t have a constitutional right to own the road. It belongs to all of us.


Great for the neighborhood.
I don’t know what you are talking about regarding deliveries though – if you notice most restaurants that deliver use their own mid to high end stolen bicycles.


It’s nice that the bikes are being added here, however, those that do ride should have some common sense and actually use the bike paths, and go same direction and FOLLOW street rules. Red means stop, not yield and keep going, stay off the sidewalks too! Since the addition of the new bike lanes on 20th Avenue, I’ve yet to see it being utilized, traffic going through can be congested at times, especially in the morning. Also, if you are going to post a map, make it so that you can actually READ it.


68% of adults in the US are overweight. 68%!!….and we are complaining about having more bikes? We need it!


This is for the younger and future generation people! Get with the program and stop complaining. With so many new restaurants these bike lanes are needed to work off calories and for deliveries! I love it and there is nothing you can do to stop it!


I think having more access to bikes and being able to “drop it off” when you get somewhere is great.

Helene M

I’m so excited about this. I hope they put one right outside my building!!! I’m going to start a petition so they know my neighbors support it too.

I understand some people feel this is a loss. Change can feel that way some time. I hope that over time local residents can enjoy this resource.


Contact DOT and send them a petition. Thats what I did. Good luck and I hope they scatter the stations throughout the neighborhood. Im so excited.


Yay! I would love to commute via bike but I have no place to keep one and it would get stolen if left on the street.
You know what would lead to less congestion? More bikes and fewer cars. Astoria is bursting at the seams with cars. It’s awful.


I agree! Astoria has such high traffic. It has become a nuisance finding parking and getting around. You can hardly cross the street without a stop light on each corner! LaGuardia is getting bigger and bigger each year. Weekends used to be peaceful now there are full of traffic on the street and sidewalk! I say take away parking spaces and add more bike lanes and docking stations.


This is amazing news. Residents will get around easier, and more people will get to explore our amazing neighborhood. I’m not sure why this is facing such criticism. If walking on the street is ‘too congested’… cross the street. CitiBike is wisely alternating street sides and consciously putting bikes on sidewalks (where possible) and streets (where possible) to allow for as much car parking as possible/reduced sidewalk congestion.

For those that say, ‘get your own bike’ – a lot of apartments can’t accommodate one bike (or more) and don’t have storage available. CitiBike is an excellent solution for Astoria to become a stronger, greener and healthier community. I am extremely excited to be able to use these bikes daily.


CitiBike! I can’t wait. I love not having to take the train or bus by riding my bike, and it will be nice to have an alternative to my bike because there are not always secure places to lock a bike. Plus, it’s healthy, not at all gas-guzzling, and fast. Looking forward to this arrival! I’ll be sure to tell my councilman to give this the green light.

Old Astorian

Can’t wait! This is going to be great for getting around the neighborhood, it’s been a wild success in the city and long overdue for us. Fuck all you NIMBYs. It’s going to create less congestion because instead of getting in my car to drive from Ditmars to Broadway, I’ll take a bike.


Great, another asshole not stopping at stop signs, riding your bike going the wrong way on a one way and getting mad at people in cars. How about you walk to Ditmars or to Broadway and keep walking?

Old Astorian

How about you go f yourself? I ride my bike just like I drive, paying attention to road signs, lights, traffic patterns and following the rules of the road.


The responses here are amazing. You know what takes up parking spaces, causes congestion, and increases traffic? Cars. Not bikes. Yet you would prefer people choose cars over bikes and add more to the streets of your neighborhood?

Can anyone point to a single case study/example of bikes increasing congestion? Upsetting to me that there is so much ignorance and just loud yelling without understanding of an issue.


Disgusting! Where does one protest this idea? Remember issues such as this when election day is here!

Sal Coppola

Astoria might as well be Manhattan
community board members better get their shit together

Sal Coppola

As a lifelong resident I’ve seen the deterioration of Astoria some people call progress

Alex Tikas

” Deterioration ..” lol …Wonder what youre REALLY trying to say ..

My landlord bought the building Iive in for 15k in 1972 … you dont even wanna know what its worth know …

The area is not deterioriating, but your racist xenophic views ARE in fact NOT “evolving” with the times ….

Alex Tikas

Maybe if you weren’t such a lazy fat ass you could jump on a bike instead of driving 2 blocks to Martha’s Bakery to get your cannoli. Times are changing . Change with them . Bikes are good for the environment.

Syrian babies are being gassed alive and your entitled ass can’t find a parking space or even worse .. the Side walk is too narrow ?!?!?!?! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…..


Brainless comment. What does Syria have to do with this? There’s always worse off situations than the worse thing you can think of. If you throw out nuclear arguments in tangents then you can’t talk about anything. Astoria is a commercial town and we live with alternate side parking, people from our of town coming here to park and take the train to the city, congestion from ubers, tv and filming, every store having outside tables, etc. People can use their own bikes no one is saying not to ride a bike.


At Martha’s i get the very berry napolean. I get my cannolis from la guli. And your a nerd


Congestion. Congestion. Congestion. Between the citibikes, cars2go,the food trucks, and those stupid red lights that are delayed for the person crossing the other way. But then the yuppie sees you have a red light so he crosses against his red hand and when he’s in front of your car you get the green light. Common sense went out the window a long time ago. We wouldn’t need that delayed red light if the yuppies were each given a guide on how to cross the street. Bikes are a joke. Cars2go is a joke. Food trucks are good but that’s enough. It’s all a bubble that’s going to pop. Homeless shelters all over Astoria by 2020 and a jail in each borough.


Its all a money making scam for the city … have you seen those traffic lights for bicycles? Pass a red get busted give the city $190.00


Bike lanes ,pedestrian spaces etc have proved time and time again they dont work !! They do nothing but congest the roads cause traffic and inconvenience people. Citi bike .

Nyc seriously no common sense sure lets put everything in the street !! Great idea keep blocking up the roads . make traffic worse smh !!!

Hey the city wants to put citi bike here ok cool put them off the street in other public spaces like the dicking station coulbe be in various park locations thru the whole area. For example astoria park , athens square on 30 ave etc. can city planners plz use some common sense for once !!!


A private company cronies up with government for exclusive rights. Govt official gets this approved under the premise that no public funds will be used. Now city council members want some good press so program will expand out of control. Inevitably there will be subsidies. Lesson to be learned – everything the govt gets involved in turns to $it.


Thank you for this article. It would be nice if you published a better (and more zoomable) version of the map.


everyone should start calling their counsel person and also the NEWS – the mayor does not like that at all neither does any queens council person — people have to fight this tooth and nail and protest –

Michael ??

It’s bad enough the speed limit has decreased to 25mph and driving a 10 block distance takes over 30 minutes. If people want to ride a bicycle they should go buy there own instead of the city and citi bank making profits by taking away our public parking spots and sidewalk space. All these bike lanes have slowed up and have congested the area even more. Please start a petition and have these cowards removed from our area.


The speed limit should be decreased to 20mph in Astoria. Astoria is packed with people on our sidewalks and trying to cross the street. Something needs to be done to protect us from cars, buses, deliver trucks, scooters, etc.

Poparoo 46

Bikes should be outlawed maaaan. They should have to walk, im from china and its good in china not in astoria maaaaan. Probably run some poor guy over with the bike, people should have to wear a helmet so when you get hit by i bike you dont get creamed out maaaaaaa.


Who do we write to to object to this. Sidewalks already narrow to begin with so will cut into pedestrian wzlkwzys. Most streets are one lane each way so will parking be taken away? It will just make things more congested and dangerous for exeryone and bike Lanes don’t work. If people want to rode a bicycle, let them by their own and use at their leisure. Don’t inconvenience the majority of the neighborhood for this.


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