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Van Bramer Releases Borough Presidency Campaign Video

Jimmy Van Bramer (Facebook)

Oct. 22, 2019. By Shane O’Brien 

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer has released a campaign video as the race for Queens Borough President begins to heat up.

Van Bramer posted a video to his Facebook and Twitter accounts Tuesday which chronicled his struggles growing up gay.

He likened U.S. President Donald Trump and the “Queens County Democratic machine” to the bullies he faced as a teen and said that he would stand up to racist policies that target the diverse communities of Queens.

Van Bramer said that many people in Queens had been staring into an abyss since Trump was elected, but that he had organized communities to resist and stand up for Queens’ values.

The Council Member announced that he was running for Borough President in April. Several other candidates are also vying for the position.

Council Members Costa Constantinides and Donovan Richards have announced they are running as well as Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman and former Council Member Elizabeth Crowley.

Other contenders are likely to come forward.

The seat is likely to be vacated by current Borough President Melinda Katz in January. She is running to be the next Queens District Attorney and is expected to cruise to victory in the November general election.

The city will hold a special election for Queens Borough President within 45 days of Katz’s vacancy.

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There goes Jimmy Van Bramer once again using the Gay card. I never once saw him march in gay protests till it was safe to come out. We marched, we protested, we were openly gay till we got equal rights in NYC. Jimmy was no where. There was Tom Duane, there was Danny O’Donnell and there were many other politicians, but there was no Jimmy Van Bramer. This guy seems to think he is allowed to use the Gay card when he wants something. Maybe he should use his library card on his Hunters Point Branch that was millions over budget, was not made handicapped accessible, and was years late. Looking at Jimmy’s latest mailing, everything is all about kids, nothing for adults, nothing for the disabled and he has the balls to take credit for this library. If I was behind this mess, I would hide. Even last week at the 108th event in the park, talking to the powers that be around here, you have lost support of almost everyone, even people who were your friends Jimmy. By the way, don’t try and use the Gay card on me, I created the Gay card and you never earned the respect to use it.


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