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The Stonework Boutique to Close in January

The Stonework (Photo: Google Maps)

Oct. 12, 2018 By Tara Law

The Stonework, a boutique specializing in hand-stitched and American-made goods, will close in January, the store’s owners have announced on Facebook.

The company, which has been located at 37-06 Ditmars Boulevard for two years, is owned by Ana Stone and her husband James Guccione. The store is known for fashionable takes on American workwear for men and women, including denim jackets embroidered with slogans like “Queens ’Til I Die.”

Stone wrote on Instagram that she had decided to close the store to spend more time with her children, including a baby girl who is expected to be born in January.

“This decision was so hard and feels like I’m trading one baby for another, especially after the blood, sweat and tears we put into making 37-06 Ditmars so special,” Stone wrote. “BUT I have been reminding myself that the one thing I’ve always wanted was a family and I don’t want my girls to suffer for the sake of a business.”

Stone wrote that she would continue to run her chain stitched embroidery business, which she will operate out a private studio. 

Stone said that she would work to help find a business for the Ditmars Boulevard storefront that will be a “positive addition to the Ditmars District.” She invited businesses interested in the space to contact her at

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Lis Evans

I was never a fan of their stuff. Mind you, I’m all for embracing new places, as well as supporting the old. I could care less…as long as it has ‘something’ going for it… be it quality, or uniqueness, or old-school flavor and ‘character’. But this place…honestly, I saw nothing special about ‘jeans’, or Bk hipster style boots for men… or lumberjack shirts for hipsters. I rarely saw anyone actually ‘shopping’ in there. I think the problem was their business model. They had very few items in there, and, while I never went in and looked at prices, I think it’s fair to say the stuff was on the pricey side. I myself have no problem dropping a few bills for a cute dress or something, but I personally never saw anything that ‘compelling’ in the window.


so strange that random people attack a couple that made an effort to better their lives and neighborhood. horrible people are around us. I am born and raised in Astoria, theres nothing wrong with nice people moving into the area. I guess if you have things in your life to be bitter about you enjoy other peoples failures. Its hard to understand these mentalities for me. I feel bad for your families that have to deal with you.


These are sadist that have the emotional maturity of a spoon and can only experience schadenfreude for others. Scrolling through their verbal diarrhea is one of the sad by products of the internet. It’s like walking into a train car that someone squatted in! But hey!, what can you expect; “garbage in- garbage out.”


I’ve lived here my whole life and this store was different from what I know, so I don’t like it.

An Astorian

“Edgy crap”?!
Haha, what’s so edgy about brands like Red Wing and Schott that have been American staples and around for years. Grumbling idiot!


They accrued a huge following of loyal customers, I’m one of them and will be so sad to not have them in astoria. And theyre always packed with new stuff every week from things selling out so fast, I don’t think money had anything to do with this decision and if you followed the owners Instagram or shopped there you’d know that too.


I don’t need or want embroidered crap. Nor do I need to “follow” anyone to realize just how lame their merchandise is. I was sad to see this store appear. Now I am happy to see it disappear. Go cry in your vegan stir fry.

Old Astorian

Wow, you are very, very clever! Did you come up with those insults all on your own? Very clever. I’m sure your independent business is really flourishing, being such a smart guy.


I am clever. I don’t purchase useless hipster garbage sold by these merchants. I am not a trendster or a scenester-who needs poser threads to pronounce how hip I am. I sure as hell wouldn’t open up a lame business in an area with rents as high as Actoria—sorry Astoria. Sure I troll a bit but this business belongs in a swap meet in Long Beach California. The tremendous following they have-all 1,000 of them can support them in their new endeavors. if these merchants are clever they would move away from the city-given the school systems, taxes, and cost of living-given they are starting a family. Yes I am not clever.Now please go to the farmer’s market and overpay for some artichoke hearts-you loser herb

Old Astorian

So you came here just to be a dick? To trash Astoria (but don’t seem to live here) and these folks you don’t know? Why? Are you just bored? Just Naturally hostile? It seems like such a waste of energy. I will enjoy the shit out of my visit to the farmers market, since you clearly have never been, check it out. Produce is actually a lot cheaper and better than the imported junk you can get at Key Food (or Shoprite, or whereever you live). You seem like maybe you don’t even eat vegetables.


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