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Studio Square, Large Astoria Event Space, Has Closed

Nov. 21, 2018 By Meghan Sackman

The owners of Studio Square have notified Community Board 1 that they have closed.

Andy Aujla, the head of CB1’s Consumer Affairs committee, announced at Tuesday’s monthly board meeting that the establishment has shut down.

“We got a letter from Studio Square and their attorneys that they have closed and they are planning to remain closed,” Aujla said. “We also asked them to turn in their liquor license—and they will not be requesting renewal.”

The closure of the 35-33 36th St. venue is significant. The event space is one of the largest venues in the area, boasting 30,000 square feet and with enough room for 900 people. Since the space opened in 2009, it has become well known locally for hosting musical events and sporting events.

The owners of the establishment could not be reached for comment. The phone line has been disconnected and nothing has been posted on its social media pages since Nov. 4. However, the website is still up.

The venue, however, has caused problems for surrounding residents.

Police said at CB1’s Oct. 16 meeting that they had received 58 311 calls about the venue since January, as well as 16 911 calls.

The residents said their windows often rattled from the noise and that management allowed its customers to leave urine, vomit and broken bottles in the street.

Aujla said if Studio Square decides to reopen in the future, the board will call the owners in to address these issues.

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Domonique Harman

As a neighbor this is something we did not want but the management team did not have respect for their fellow neighbors. My 3yr old son found condoms and watched drunkards peeing front of my house multiple times.

Edgar Ortega

Epic times there with my friends watching the champions league final and world cups. Smh will definitely be missed!!


I never went to one of their events, but enjoyed the place as an option for large after work gatherings and they had good happy hour specials. I’m sad to see it go.


Just passed by and the auctioneers are tagging the restaurant equipment. This place is definitely gone.


Yes. I walked by too, big signs saying public auction and everything from glassware to dishes to buffet table equipment is up on tables.
Plenty of people were browsing the merchandise.

Pat Macnamara

Not like Astoria doesn’t have a bunch of other douchey bars for the bros to binge drink and suck on e-cigs while cruising for drunk women…

Soulless chainsmoker

Another soulless establishment made by someone compensating for a shortcoming they have serving the soulless ones of @midtownuniform bites the dust.


bad guys don’t follow laws, you can’t pass meaningful gun legislation because bad guys will still find a way to get guns. like if you agree.


I liked the place but they could be douchey.. Years ago, I hosted a bachelor party there on a Monday night, about 40 guys, we were the only ones there.. the next afternoon a guy texted me saying he left his jacket there, I was walking home from the gym, so I stopped in about 5pm the next day, place was empty, told the bouncer the story, but he wouldn’t let me in b/c I didn’t have ID, even though I told him right where the jacket was, he walkie-talkied the mgr. one second later, mgr says “no jacket is there” so quick, no way he looked.. I do the 15 minute walk home grab ID come back, no one is in the place, the jacket is in the exact spot my friend said it was.. yeah, so glad we spent over $2000 there the night before… that never sat well w/ me in regards to that joint

young man!

Interesting. The people who run Studio Square used to own the entire building. Maybe when they sold the building a number of years ago they were allowed free or reduced rent for a certain time period that coincided with the expiration of their liquor license?

Since WeWork and a couple of other office tenants now occupy that building, having a sometimes extremely loud outdoor bar may not be in the best interest of the landlord.

Huge and empty backyard….pending some rezoning, maybe another residential tower going up soon?

Skip Seglipse

Selling the building was their big payday.

I don’t think they cared much for running their businesses anymore after that, or there was some kind of falling out amongst the partners.

Cavo was owned by the same guys, was still popular, and they shut it down too.

Jay Jay

It’s a damn shame. All these new people wanna move into the neighborhood and change it to what they want. Like when you signed you’re lease you knew there was a big bar right next door. Studio square has always been a great place that wasn’t to expensive. You could always have a good time there. I’d much rather a bar as opposed to office buildings. All that means is my rent is going up soon.


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