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Seven Units Available in Astoria ‘Affordable’ Housing Lottery, Cheapest Rent $2K Per Month

Rendering of 30-68 38th St. (Photo: T.F. Cusanelli & Filletti Architects)

Jan. 25, 2019 By Christian Murray

The latest “affordable” housing lottery has opened in Astoria and seven apartments in a 23-unit building are now on offer.

The seven apartments, located at 30-68 38th St., are comprised of three one-bedroom and four two-bedroom units.

The “affordable” units are only available to households earning 120 percent of the area median income.

The one-bedroom units are priced at $2,000 a month and are available for household sizes of up to two people. The minimum income to qualify begins at $68,572 and goes up to $100,200.

The two-bedroom affordable apartments will rent for $2,400 and are available for household sizes between two and four people. An annual household income starting at $82,286 and going up to $125,160 is required to qualify—depending on family size.

Building amenities include rooftop access, gym, parking and a laundry room that residents must pay an added fee to access.

The building is within walking distance to the N and W trains at the 30th Avenue subway station. The building is smoke free.

Applications are open to all, with no special preference for local residents within Community Board 1. Some preference, however, is given to mobility-disabled applicants and those with vision or hearing disabilities.

To apply, visit Housing Connect online. Applications can also be sent by mail.

Applications must be postmarked or submitted online no later than Feb. 12, 2018.

The developer is expected to receive a tax exemption as part of the city’s 421-a program, where the city gives a tax break to builders in exchange for providing some below market-rate rental units in the development.

(Source: NYC Housing Connect)

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Live in CA. We have levels of affordable. Those with extreme disabilities and living with Aids come first. I live in Senior over 62 Housing Authority Housing. I have a one bedroom for under $400.00. We are 2 level units, with deck off the living room. We have barbecue, area with shade over tables and community room. We are 8 miles from San Francisco. I like that it is not one bldg. I walk around property at night, as do many residents, so we have good communication. I may miss Astoria, but not this abuse by owners. Sounds like New York is breaking some laws and this needs to be challenged. Housing Authority should be contacted. I won’t be moving back.

Carol Greenspan

Where in California do you live? I am a senior and seriously thinking of moving out of New York City. It’s getting much too expensive.


In what freakin’ universe is this affordable?! Who comes up with this insanity?! Get the f**k outta here!!!!


How long is this scam going to go on. It should be against the law to call this , and all the other new construction “affordable”


Why is that not affordable??? At 69k a year, minus taxes you have about 4k per month. Minus 2k you have 2k for everything else. You get a true one bedroom, gym and other amenities. If you can’t afford Astoria, move further out…and stop complaining. Aholes like us need to pay 3k to live here if we make 88k.


First of all, assuming $69k was taking home $4k a month, spending half of your income on rent is unwise.

Second, you’re not factoring in insurance in the income. $2k per check is after tax, but most everyone pays another $100-150 per paycheck. So that’s $1850, depending on 401k that will go down even further. $1700-1750 per check is much more typical of a $69k salary. Spending $250-300 over half your monthly salary on rent is incredibly unwise and almost guarantees that you will be pretty close to breaking even on a month to month basis and have to penny pinch on every other expense in your life in order to save anything.


A big percentage of New Yorkers pay for half of their income on rent so it’s not much different here. I agree it’s not the best option but I gave the worst case scenario of one person with the lowest income living in an amenity building next to the city.


And the developer will get a tax cut for offering these “affordable” rents. It’s obscene. The City Counsel needs to do better.


How about you just call it “rent” not “affordable rent” …$2000 for a one bedroom… get the hell outta here!!


Absurd how they get away with this. 2k for a one-bedroom is market rate for that area. A joke.


So if you want to charge $500 a month for rent, get to work and see how easy that’ll be 😉


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