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Queens Residents Donated To Sanders and Trump in Big Numbers in 2019: Report

Bernie Sanders holds a rally at Queensbridge Park Oct. 19, where he was endorsed by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Facebook)

Feb. 25, 2020 By Allie Griffin

The world’s borough is not just diverse in its ethnic makeup — it has great diversity in politics as well, a new study shows.

Out of the 3,155 Queens residents who contributed money to a presidential candidate’s campaign last year, nearly a third — 31 percent — gave money to Bernie Sanders, and almost another third — 27.5 percent — donated to President Donald Trump’s campaign — two politicians on the farthest ends of the political spectrum.

Sanders received campaign money from 984 unique donors from Queens residents last year, while Trump followed closely behind with 867 unique donors, according to a RentHop study released last week.

Residents contributed to other candidates too — but not in the same quantity.

A large gap separates the next candidates in terms of the number of Queens residents writing out checks. Andrew Yang, who dropped out of the presidential race on Feb. 11, had 434 unique donors and Elizabeth Warren had 393, the study reports.

Next in Queens, Peter Buttigieg and Joe Biden had 232 and 155 unique donors, respectively.

New York City as a whole also was feeling the Bern’ — with 6,971 unique donors from the city contributing to his campaign in 2019. Sanders topped the list of candidates supported by the 26,465 New Yorkers who made campaign contributions last year.

Sanders garnered a lot of supporters in Northwest Queens too, especially in Long Island City and Astoria.

In Long Island City (the zip codes 11101 and 11109), 67 residents donated to Sanders’ campaign, 51 donated to Buttigieg’s, 44 donated to Warren’s, 40 donated to Yang’s, 19 donated to Trump’s and 14 donated to Biden’s, according to the study.

Long Island City zip code 11101 (RentHop)

Sanders got $29,420– the most–in campaign funds from residents of zip code 11101; however President Trump raised the most money — $6,243 — from the small area covered by the zip code 11109.

In Astoria — among its four zip codes — 194 residents donated to Sanders’ campaign, 103 donated to Warren’s, 57 to Trump’s, 53 to Buttigieg’s, 34 to Yang’s and 12 to Biden’s, according to the study.

Astoria zip code 1102 (RentHop)

Ridgewood and Glendale–which share the 11385 zip code–had the greatest number of Bernie backers among singular Queens zip codes. According to the study, 112 residents contributed a total of $25,248 to Sanders’ campaign last year. The next politician with the highest number of unique donors was President Trump, with just 29. Warren and Yang tied for third, with 13 donors each; followed by Buttigieg with 7, Tulsi Gabbard with 4 and Biden with 3.

Ridgewood and Glendale zip code 11385 (RentHop)

Sunnyside, Woodside and Jackson Heights were among other Queens neighborhoods where Sanders fared best.

In Sunnyside, 44 residents donated to Sanders’ campaign, 20 donated to Warren’s, 13 donated to Trump’s, 10 donated to Yang’s, 7 donated to Buttigieg’s, 4 donated to Amy Klobuchar’s and 3 donated to Biden’s, according to the study.

Sunnyside zip code 11104 (RentHop)

In Jackson Heights, 77 residents donated to Sanders’ campaign, 32 donated to Warren’s, 23 donated to Buttigieg’s, 23 donated to Trump’s, 14 to Yang’s and 7 to Biden’s, according to the study.

Jackson Heights zip code 11372 (RentHop)

Meanwhile Northeast Queens leaned towards Trump and Yang in both the number of unique donors and amount of money raised for each.

Residents of Flushing, which has a large Asian American population, both wanted to “Keep America Great” and join the “Yang Gang” last year. The greatest number of residents from the 11354, 11355 and 11358 zip codes donated to President Trump’s campaign, followed closely by Yang’s. According to the study, 76 unique donors contributed to Trump and 70 to Yang.

Flushing zip code 11354 (RentHop)

President Trump was also popular among Forest Hills, Rego Park, Maspeth and Middle Village residents. In each neighborhood, however, Sanders had the second-most number of unique donors.

Forest Hills had one of the larger numbers of unique donors who contributed to the president’s campaign among Queens neighborhoods. According to the study, 65 residents funded his campaign with a total of $34,737. However, the area still had a higher number of unique donors to Democratic candidates than Republican ones — 58 unique donors contributed to Sanders, 42 to Yang, 37 to Warren, 21 to Biden, 21 to Buttigieg and 10 to Tulsi Gabbard.

Forest Hills zip code 11375 (RentHop)

The RentHop interactive map and timeline below break down campaign contributions to each candidate, according to New York City zip codes.

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upset sunnysidian

who are the 13 lame donors who donated to trump in sunnyside? i’m not serious i dont want to know who, but seriously, how do you call yourself a ny’er and have the nerve to donate to trumps campaign??


I think I’m starting to have second thoughts about Sanders. I don’t like his positive comments about dictators. I mean, Trump has good qualities. Hitler probably did. I think he may be too extreme. And he likely won’t get much done. He is kind of like Trump in a sense. He plays on anger. 60% of Americans don’t want any form of socialism. I really want Trump out of there. Maybe he can win. I don’t know. But I think I’m leaning more towards Biden right now. He did great the other night. Obama should come out already and support him.


Looks like a lot of other people had the same idea. Biden mopped the floor with Sanders on Super Tuesday.


Conservative rhetoric contributed to the reaction on the left that made a populist like Sanders well received among some in the left, just as much as liberal/progressive rhetoric contributed to the reaction on the right that made a populist like Trump well received among some in the right.


Trump is about to meet his worst nightmare: A man who knows what he is doing, seeks the best for the people in this country and last but not least grounds his work in SPECIFICS AND DOCUMENTATION! Go Bernie!


Astoria is and will continue to grow as a neighborhood of overwhelmingly social democratics and supporters of progressive policies. Those in denial need to wake up.


I’ve been donating to Bernie Sanders. I believe he is the only really decent candidate among them. I don’t really expect him to get done everything that he wants to. But I know he’ll try and his heart is with working people. He’s the only one with any real shot at beating Trump in November. He has the intellect and the support base to defeat Trump and should Trump try to claim election fraud and not give up the presidency, Bernie has army of supporters who I’m shouldn’t wouldn’t mind physically removing him. He will go at Trump like no candidate can with his deft debating skills and ability to keep facts and figures always at hand. He will call Trump the fraud he is and back up why. He doesn’t engage in “woke’ nonsense and pandering stupidity and views us all in it together as humans first. The socialist tag and crazy bernie moniker is just not going to work on someone as engaged as Bernie. Bernie is smart enough to use this to his advantage. Bernie is the Trump antidote… the psychopath’s kryptonite.

Buttlieg is intelligent and a decent speaker but he lacks what Obama had and that is a natural charisma to go along with with the words. Plus he comes off as preachy and annoying at times. His sexuality aside, he really is just more of the same which isnot what we want. He is currently helping to create divide among democrats in effort to derail Bernie and bolster his own standing poisoning the field. I say the sooner he is gone the better.

Warren is constantly changing issue stance and she has a Misandric vibe to her as did Hillary “women are the future” Clinton. Awful jokes about men as she has made have no place in the current climate. They never have a place. Trump would decimate her on her Indian heritage fiasco alone. My only concern is Bernie might pick her as running mate. I think Trump would have a field day with her and hurt the ticket, though I can see the appeal of including her.

Biden seems a little lost. He is not a very good speaker and lacks charisma and coherence. He was a good second to Barack but in front seems lacking. He’s not doing very well so far. He seems to think it is all about the black vote that he is somehow entitled to.

Bloomberg is spending 100’s of millions, and is the only one in my view who will challenge Sanders all the way to the end. I don’t hate Bloomberg, but I also don’t completely trust him. He is arrogant and I wouldn’t want to be on the opposite sides of policy that he enacts. It also seems unfair that he can come in and with the sheer power of overwhelming money participate and increase his polling numbers.

To me the choice clear.

Bernie Sanders all the way.

Socialist tag of woke nonsense

Bernie is a self avowed socialist who traveled to Russia during the cold war in the 1980’s and fraternized with central party communist officials(y’know cause Russian collusion)…he has openly supported the Sandinista’s cause in Nicaragua and Fidel and the Marxists in Cuba…Bernie will hand the Republicans the Federal trifecta…White House, Senate and the House of Reps….can’t wait for a Communist Jew who wants to take away 150 Million people’s private health care at the top of the ticket!! Let the “Sander-nista” revolution begin!!


As an undocumented person, I had dealt with uncertainty my entire life. I definitely want to see Bernie in office, because I believe that he will finally bring some peace of mind to many immigrant folks like myself in Astoria and all over the country.


Bernie will fizzle. Nobody want’s Communism here. And plenty of us on both parties wont allow it to happen. That I promise you!


Can Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump?
That is to me a given but not the right question:
The question is: will Bernie be given the opportunity by the corrupt DNC, to run against Trump?


I can see why Wall Street and other billionaires are voting for their fellow 1%-er by why Queens?


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