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New proprietors of the Shillelagh Tavern clean house, diversify drinks menu and aim to feature new musical talents in Astoria

Sept. 5, 2017 Staff Report

A pair of new proprietors of the Shillelagh Tavern at 47-22 30th Ave would like to see the long-standing Astoria bar turn over a new leaf.

Tim and Kaitlin Stebbins took over the helm at the bar in early July and began introducing a slew of changes that ranged from adding decorative flowers by the entrance to installing security cameras throughout the bar.

“We wanted to give it some tender, love and care when we first came in, so that included a deep clean, fresh paint and cleaning out the beer lines,” Kaitlin said. “We’re clean freaks, so we’ll be cleaning those lines at least every other week.”

The husband and wife duo have begun adding a diverse selection of craft beers and bourbons behind the bar, with the intention of adding wine and cocktails to their drinks menu throughout the month.

“In addition to more bourbon and whiskey, our plan is to have two reds, two whites, a sparkling wine and a rose available for our guests,” Stebbins explained.

Although this is the first bar the husband and wife duo have owned, the pair have over 12 years of experience working in the food and hospitality industry.

“We understand Astoria is the next big neighborhood, and as it grows exponentially, we want the bar to grow with it while still keeping everything that made it so great,” said Tim Stebbins.

Tim elaborated by saying that they decided not to change the name of the bar out of respect for its long-standing presence in the community.

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Additionally, the new owners will double down on servicing sports fans in the area, making new and special accommodations as they go along.

The Shillelagh Tavern has always been a sports bar for as long as locals have been coming here, and we’re huge sports fans so we wanted to keep that tradition alive,” Stebbins said.

The pair explained that they have begun airing English Premier League games and opening on Saturdays at 7:30 am and Sundays at 8:30 am for local fans.

Guests who arrive for the early weekend games will be treated to free coffee and bagels, as well as $5 IPA and Bloody Mary specials.

“We’re keeping the NFL Ticket so we’ll be able to offer every game across all of our 10 TV’s, and we’re going to offer a free spread of food on Sundays,” said Kaitlin.

A small snack menu for patrons will be introduced later this fall that will include paninis, grilled cheese and other light bites.

Lastly, the new owners intend on welcoming new musical acts onto the 40 square foot stage located in a separate room at the back of the bar.

“Our idea is to use the venue to promote new and upcoming artists,” the duo explained. “We want people who can tap into new music genres, and give them a chance to perform at the Shillelagh Tavern, ven if they felt like it wasn’t the right venue for them before.”

More information can be found on their renovated website.

Tim, who will be running the day-to-day operations at the bar, can be reached at [email protected].

New owners Tim and Kaitlin Stebbins


email the author: [email protected]


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What kind of genres are they looking for when it comes to “new” music? Are acoustic acts still allowed? And I agree with Kirt. Rusty has been there for years and has definitely made that place feel like home. He was what made Shillelaghs. Most of the people that go there are because of Rusty and his welcoming nature. And to the owners, how do we get in touch with you about the music and performing there?

Hip hip huray

Listen , hipsters rule Astoria, we rule. We took over. We don’t want or need this bar. We can have any bar. So stfu


Listen there needs to be all types of music metal/ rock/ rap/ hip-hop the place doesn’t need to be gentrified or white washed and it seems like that’s where it’s going and nicks shows are the best this doesn’t need to be another hipster bar


Yea, doesn’t need to be another hipster bar but guess whose paying the tab, their parents, and as long as it brings the owners money, who cares. Can’t even go to a little hole in the wall without them stumbling in and ruining it for the regulars. However, I do agree there needs to music of all types.

Joe m.

Please no Gerald donelley show. So lame. Out with the old. Kiss is lame. Play real music no acoustic lame


Hi, Neil

This is Nick. Kindly explain why I should “stay out” ?

It’s an open public forum, explain your gripe and why you express negativity here. over the last 2 and a half years I (and the various folks that help me do so) have booked all genres from Acoustic singer song writer nights to punk and metal and straight up rock’n roll shows, I’m proud of the quality of my shows and the performers I work with I even had a pair of magicians once and I’ve been more than happy to push my favorite genre of them all, Horror punk. As a matter of fact, I make it a point to promote shows with quality vocalists and I stand by every one I’ve had on my full efforts, so with such diversity, what’s your issue? Elaborate, I would love to hear your feedback.

Walter McPherson

Nice to hear, hopefully they will get rid of some of the young kids that come in there and cause problems, maybe start ID’ing them. As well as get rid of the ones in there that do coke in the bathroom and smoke weed outside. Hopefully the new music will be better than some of what was there b4, cause some of that really sucked, just screaming into the mic.


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