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Key Food Near Ditmars Blvd May Survive Despite Development, Supermarket Says


June 5, 2018 By Tara Law

The company that owns the Key Food franchise at 31st Street–by Ditmars Blvd–says that it aims to keep the supermarket’s doors open despite its landlord’s plan to demolish the structure next door to make way for Target, a supermarket representative said Thursday.

Man-Dell Food Stores, Inc., which owns the Key Foods franchise at 22-15 31st St, is currently in negotiations with the property owner to keep the supermarket in its current space, according to Chief Administrative Officer Roseann Marabello. 

The supermarket’s landlord, Ditmars 31st Street Associates, announced in April that it intends to demolish several businesses located next to Key Food to make way for a small Target at at 22-11 31st St.

Mabello wrote in a statement that Man-Dell Food Stores aims to persuade the developer to pursue a design that will keep the supermarket in place.

Target opened in Forest Hills in 2016

“Key Food has been a part of the Astoria community for over 40 years and we are proud to serve this community we love and call home,” Marbello wrote. “We are currently in negotiations with our landlord to ensure we can continue to serve our neighbors and we’re grateful for their outpouring of support. We hope we can be here for another 40 years.”

Rumors that the supermarket would be demolished began shortly after Target announced that it planned to move into a 47,000 square foot location on the property in 2020.

Ditmars 31st Street Associates said in April that it intends to demolish a row of stores to make way for the Target— including a Subway, a bodega, Cohen’s Optical and The Rock Health & Fitness Club.

Several businesses have already announced plans to relocate or close their locations. An architect for a new development at 22-06 31st St— across the street from the property and also owned by A&H— has said that The Rock will relocate into the basement of the new structure.

A spokesperson for the developer was unable to comment on Key Food at this time.

Building to be Demolished (QueensPost)

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Audrey michael

We need target instead of all these yuppy eateries, there’s no where to get household under garments and sales no more at this area, target target target!!!!!


Ugh. I’d rather shop at locally owned stores than behemoth’s like Target. How much plastic junk do we need at this point?


I rather shop at Target than some overpriced deli with no a/c or some lame household store that sells curtains and kitchen towels from 10 yrs ago. What good shopping store is locally owned that you can shop at on Ditmars? Its 2018 not 1983! If you do not like Target then keep shopping at King Penny’s (that place smells like a sewer).

Smack it up, flip it, rub it down

Dat personal pan from Pizza Hut in a Target doe.


The staff should be trained to be more welcoming to customers. A simple “Hello” and “Thank You” is a good start!


I believe this article neglects to mention that this new plan includes both the Key Food and Target. One top floor, other bottom. If anyone thought that a mini Target would replace a grocery store then they never been in one.


This is a mini target, consists of 4-5 short aisles of mostly snack products.


The supermarkets around here are filled with people waiting in line with 2-4 items. Many of the new renters order food or dine out and buy small packed items to eat at home. Those with families usually drive someplace else or order from places like Amazon. Target will do just fine around here.


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