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Dog Run at Triborough Bridge and Dutch Kills Playground to Open in Coming Weeks: Community Board 1

Renderings of Triborough Bridge Playground C Renovations (NYC Parks Department)

May 24, 2019 By Meghan Sackman (Updated: May 29, 2019)

Community Board 1 has announced updates regarding the long-awaited reopening of some of Astoria’s parks including Triborough Bridge Playground C–with a new dog run–and Dutch Kills Playground.

Triborough Bridge Playground C, located on Hoyt Avenue South between 23rd Street and 24th Street, is likely to reopen in coming weeks, according to Nancy Silverman, Community Board 1’s Chair of the Parks Committee, who spoke at the board’s monthly meeting earlier week.

Triborough Playground C

The playground has been undergoing a revamp that includes the construction of a dog run, new basketball courts, and widened sidewalks and new trees.

The dog run, which has been highly anticipated by Astoria dog owners, will feature separate areas for large and small dogs, with each area featuring spray fire hydrants, rocky mounds for the dogs to climb, drinking fountains with dog bowls, and seating for owners.

The revamped basketball court, separated from the dog run by a fence, will feature a new asphalt pavement, a new color seal, new backboards, seating and a drinking fountain.

Silverman said that the Parks Department is looking for a community partner to help maintain and clean the dog run. The people who had volunteered to do it have moved out of the area. She said that those residents who want to step in and volunteer should contact the Parks Department.

Silverman also announced that the Dutch Kills Playground was slated to reopen soon.

The playground, located on 36th Avenue and Crescent Street next to P.S. 112, received $3.1 million in funding, which was allocated by Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer’s office and the Mayor in 2016.

The upgrades involve the reconstruction of the playground and court area, as well as renovations to the bathroom.

Silverman also announced that the overhaul of Playground 35, located on 35th Avenue between Steinway Street and 41st Street, is behind schedule. The park, which received $2.1 million in Mayoral funding, was supposed to reopen this month. No reason was provided for the delay and a reopening date has yet to be established.

The City may also be looking to make upgrades to Rainey Park, Silverman said.

A scoping meeting is being held on May 30 at the Noguchi Museum from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The City is looking to get public feedback about what residents would like to see added to the park.

Playground 35 Renderings



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Took a look at it over the weekend. I have to say, it looks much better in the planning images that it does in reality. Rather bleak and cement under the bridge. I have a concern that it won’t get much use and will have been a waste of money.

Tom Griffin

As a responsible dog owner, I know there are talks underway for a dog run to possibly be built in Rainey Park, Long Island City/Astoria. Currently, Rainey Park has off-leash rules permitting dogs to be off-leash (under their owner’s supervision, of course) before 9am and after 9pm (until park closing time). More info here:

For the past years, many local dog lovers and their pets (myself and my dog included: Tiny) enjoy this freedom and avail of it on a daily or even twice daily basis. It is a fantastic benefit for us all and a friendly community of responsible dog owners has developed. It would be CRUCIAL for all of us that the introduction of an enclosed dog run NOT cause any change to the existing off-leash rules!

Having the ability to play fetch or to run around with other dogs is important exercise and good socialization for our pets. An enclosed dog run will only provide very limited space. While this might be beneficial during the daytime when off-leash is not permitted, under no circumstances should it be allowed to completely replace Rainey Park’s designation as an off-leash area pre-9AM and post-9pm!

If a dog run, then only under condition that off-leash rules also remain in place. (Otherwise, keep your dog run!)

I cannot emphasize this enough. And I know other dog owners will also feel very strongly about this.

Please raise this with Jimmy Van Bramer and Co. during the scoping meeting being held on May 30th 2019 at the Noguchi Museum.

Tom Griffin & Tiny (little Maltese/Shih-Tzu)

Tom Griffin

After posting this comment above, I actually attended the meeting at Noguchi museum. I’d like to provide an update: Jimmy Van Bramer himself was not present though a representative of his was.

Based on what was discussed, it turns out that introducing a dog run WOULD indeed mean that Rainey Park will lose its off-leash designation.

This is obviously an unacceptable outcome.

For any dog-owners reading this whose pets enjoy and benefit from those early morning and late evening off-leash romps, it should put you very firmly in the ‘NO DOG RUN FOR RAINEY PARK!’ category.

At the meeting’s conclusion, the main hosts stated that all ideas would be gathered and considered and in September 2019, a new meeting will be called to present the proposed changes, at which point further input and feedback would be invited.

Stay tuned and be sure to advocate for: NO DOG RUN FOR RAINEY PARK!

Tom Griffin & Tiny (little Maltese/Shih-Tzu)


how about the pool in astoria park? the diving board area has been “under constructions” for about a year and all they did was fill the empty pool and put concrete over it. what is the point of that?


I wish someone would do something nice for all the stray cats in Astoria chasing rats from the park and all the construction going on around here.


It would be great if they upgraded Rainey Park. It’s quiet and has lots of space, but desperately needs some tender love & care.


It is worrisome that the dog park was funded and built without a viable plan for keeping it clean and maintained. Hopefully the users will keep it clean and sanitary.


If people are worried about keeping the Dog Run clean and maintained I think you and others should start a group and volunteer to clean it. I prefer walking my dogs at the near by Astoria Park where it is somewhat clean and maintained.

Elizabeth Agri

This was supposed to open last month. Couldn’t find it anywhere and now it’s opening end of this month? Does this exist??

Taxpayer. You're welcome.

“$3.1 million in funding, which was allocated by Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer’s office and the Mayor in 2016” and “$2.1 million in Mayoral funding”???? Niether one of those polititians funded anything. The funds came from the taxpayers of New York City.

yes, that's obvious and how taxes work

They’re referring to who decided how the money was used. How could you possibly not understand that?!


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