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Crowley invites Astoria business owner who was a victim of an Anti-Muslim hate crime to Trump’s joint address

Sarker Haque

Feb. 28, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A local bodega owner that was targeted with an anti-Muslim hate crime will accompany a local congressman as his guest to President Donald Trump’s joint address to congress this evening.

Congressman Joe Crowley announced last week that he would bring Sarker Haque, owner of Fatima Food Mart at 31-37 21st Street in Astoria, to the joint address tonight in protest of Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

Trump will address both houses of congress tonight around 9 p.m. about the state of the nation. The speech will be similar to a State of the Union address, but since Trump only took office about a month ago, he will not give an official SOTU address this year.

“President Trump has demonized Islam and the Muslim-American community since he first announced his campaign for the presidency – attacks that only continued after his inauguration. This rhetoric, along with the announced travel ban against seven predominantly Muslim countries, goes against everything we stand for as Americans,” Crowley said in a statement.

Crowley chose to bring Haque as his guest because he was the victim of an anti-Muslim hate crime in 2015, when he was beaten in his store by an attacker yelling he wanted to “kill Muslims.”

“The victim of an anti-Muslim hate crime, Sarker is emblematic of the American dream. He immigrated to this country in search of a better life and now owns his own business in Astoria,” Crowley explained.

Haque emigrated from Bangladesh nearly 30 years ago, and has built a business and raised five children in Astoria. When he was attacked, the community supported him and Crowley visited his store and presented him with an American flag that had been flown over the U.S. Capitol.

“I want President Trump to know that I vehemently disagree with his characterization of immigrants and Muslim-Americans. When the president speaks to the country on Tuesday, he’ll also be addressing Sarker – a business owner, a proud American, and, like the president’s family, an immigrant who came to the United States in search of the American dream,” Crowley said.

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Democrat 2020 Platform & Goals:
-Open Borders.
-Sanctuary Cities.
-Decriminalize illegal entry into our country.
-De-fund & terminate Border Patrol & ICE
–Same sex marriages.
-Disarming Americans.
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-Voting rights for illegal aliens.
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*Sources: Straight from the Democrat’s themselves. View their speeches / debates on you tube. Pay particular attention to when the moderator asks the candidates to “raise your hand” if in favor questions.

The choice is yours.

Poparoo 46

Its grandstanding on Crowleys part. Nobody deserves to be beat but lets face it if Muslim illegals weren’t a big topic right now Crowley would be eating for free somewhere


Yes, like all politicians he’s inviting this man to the even because it helps with his agenda.

But, what do you mean Muslin illegals? What what are you talking about? Are you referring to the executive order? Having a Green card or Visa does not make you illegal.


What is a Muslin illegal? There are no past or current laws that define being Muslin as being illegal.

If someone is in this country illegal and is Christian are they called a Christian illegal?


This guy PUTIN HACKED THE OSCARS IS A REAL BOZO! Stop being racist ! You have nothing better to do than to criticize some corner store deli owner that’s been here probably before you were even born . Your judging one man because of sick ppl who blow each other up for fun . He got attacked he didn’t attack I know this man personally ! Stop judging ppl it’s racist & it makes you one of those sick ppl ! “#getahobbie”


I am a Trump supporter…… But dammm these comments are so disgusting!!! Inhumane!!!

Putin hacked the Oscars

Did they ever find the person who attacked Sarker? Do we have any evidence other than Sarker’s word that it was, in fact, an anti-muslim hate crime? It wouldn’t be the first time an anti-muslim hate crime turned out to be a hoax in this city.

Putin hacked the Oscars

Apparently, Crowley has forgotten exactly who committed the 9-11 attacks and murdered 3000 of his fellow New Yorkers.

If Crowley and the Muslim community were as vocally outspoken against Islamic terrorism as they are about Donald Trump, they’d have a lot more credibility.


How is this man related to 9-11? He came over decodes before, has been a good citizen and then was attacked for being muslin?

Should we not stand up for Catholics because many of them abuse children?

Putin hacked the Oscars

Show me where this man has denounced terrorist acts committed in the name of Islam.


Lick their azzes Crowley real good all you and your Democrapic panderers/ Some bike riders gets killed by cars you don’t give the same coverage, Just using these people to your benefit.


If Mr. Haque came here 30 years ago and has become a citizen, he deserves every protection the U.S. can afford him. You go man! If he came here illegally or after 30 years has not become a citizen he is not entitled to protection, he is a criminal. Unclean hands!


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