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30th Ave, 36th Ave stations will close for 8 months starting late October

30th Avenue station

Sept. 15, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

The 30th Avenue and 36th Avenue stations will be closed for about eight months–starting late October– so they can be repaired and renovated, according to an MTA spokesperson.

The two stations serving the N and W lines will close on Oct. 23 for structural repairs and technological upgrades, such as Wi-Fi hotspots, USB ports, digital screens, and countdown clocks. The stations will also have new entrances. The stations should reopen no later than the end of June, the MTA said.

In July 2018, the Broadway and 39th Avenue stations will close for the same type of renovations, the spokesperson said.

No shuttle buses will be provided when 30th Avenue and 36th Avenue close, the spokesperson said. Riders will have to walk to either Astoria Blvd, Broadway, or 39th Avenue for the nearest N and W line service.

The station work is part of Gov. Cuomo’s plan to upgrade more than 30 stations across the five boroughs while cutting the time-frame for the work in half. The city says station developments under this plan are expected to take between six and 12 months. Under previous methods, which included stations closing on nights and weekends, work could take two to three years more to be completed.

Newly-renovated Brooklyn subway stations under this plan opened in September.

DNAInfo was first to report on the closures.

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WALK????WHAT??? HOW??! people you are terrible. it’s one extra block- long one but still just one block! nobody is going to die or get sick because of that. Just make sure you wear boots instead of flipflops when coming from the nail salon with the fresh pedi in the middle of the winter. Or take the bus.
I’m not sure about the necessity of wifi up there but upgrades are necessary and if this agressive schedule really shortens the period of repairs by 2 years then be it.


This is absolutely ridiculous! They were already closed for the summer. Now, it will be next to impossible to even get in the Broadway or 36th ave tracks because they are already so crowded. And why are we just finding this put in September?


Keep putting a bandaid on an outdated subway line? Elevated tracks are becoming overcrowded stacks of rusty metal debris. The noise pollution is deafening when you walk on 31st. Why don’t you bury the entire line under the ground, extend it to La Guardia etc?


What is disgusting is how they do work and the open food carts are still around selling souvlaki. At least the food trucks have enclosures. Its disgusting and a health hazard to allow sidewalk vendors too park on the sidewalk while work is being performed. I saw it all over the Ditmars station. But i guess some groups of people will eat anything.

your neighbor

Other than slapping on another coat of paint these stations probably haven’t been renovated in 50 years. With rust poking out of crevices, its amazing that they have lasted this long.
Thanks to the MTA for finally putting these stations on the agenda.
We’ll all live through this temporary incovenience.

Why can’t we be happy about something good happening in our neighborhood?


It can be a difficult walk to go to station,especially for those of us using a.cane. And the bus seems to never be there. idea this was coming- had they been.announcing it? At one time, u could call 511 to find area carpools,maybe that is still around..


This is going to be horrible. Walk.. r u I serious in winter time.. I truly don’t get it. Do they think of senior citizen, children, moms w newborn, pregnant, and disabled people.. I can’t .. why is everyone so so selfish..


Screw this. No shuttle busses, no expanded Q102, and no mention of putting in elevators to make these crumbling stations ADA-compliant FINALLY. OOOH BUT SHINY WIFI! The stations are ABOVE GROUND nobody needs free WiFi there! Also, kudos for making the months overlap into the worst parts of Winter and Spring. It’s gonna be REAL FUN walking over to the already-crowded Astoria Blvd stop and all those freaking stairs when it’s 20 below outside. Great for the health. Of course, we will have shiny new CitiBikes to ride in the sleet and snow, in our work clothes, when it’s pitch black out. I hate you, MTA.


Ha ha best, most real genuine comment ever. Seriously if trains randomly skipping from QBP to Astoria where a pain, 8 months of pushing and shoving are going to be a real fun one!


That Broadway platform will be like a sardine can for the 8 months – it’s bad enough now, but 30th Ave. and Broadway are the 2 busiest stops in Astoria!


That is going to be a very miserable 8 months for us Broadway station people. I guess I’ll have to now let a few trains go by I dread of 1


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