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X-Rated section added to local candy store

candybarJan. 26, 2015 By Michael Florio

An X-rated section has been added to a local candy shop.

The Candy Bar, located at 19-31 Ditmars Blvd, started selling adult edibles about three weeks ago from the back corner of the establishment.

The store, which has been open about for about two years, is offering edible candy underwear, oral-sex candy and an array of phallic-shaped food items.

“We know this might be a little controversial, but to us it is fun and exciting,” said Randy Klein the owner. “It is a little risqué, but we are responsible about the products we offer.”

Klein covers the adult section with a curtain during the day to ensure children don’t see it.

“At night and when we host adult parties, like a bachelor or bachelorette party, we open it up,” Klein said. “During the day the kids come here and play games and we are conscious of that fact and cover it up.”

Klein said the adult candies are known as Naughty Sweets. She said that she hasn’t received any complaints about them—although she noted that the concept is relatively new.

“I’m sure there will be people who have negative things to say, but I am not worried about it,” she said. “I will not rethink this idea.”

The opening of the adult section comes shortly after the store announced a 50 percent discount off most of its items.

Klein said that she held such a sale to clear inventory and to spur business.

She said business slows down in the winter months since the store is located off the beaten path down toward the water.

The Candy Bar is open from 11 am to 8 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday. It is not open on Mondays.

Klein is from Bayside and also owns Whiskers Holistic Pet Care, which is located three doors down from The Candy Shop.

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At least Randy is covering it up!! I remember going into candy stores in the 90’s and seeing all the nudie mags right there for us lil horny punks to see. When did society get so offended and become puritanical? If it offends you turn it off, change the channel or don’t go in…keep it moving!!!


I don’t see a big deal with it. If there is a curtain up at the back of the store why would children be going to the back of the store any way when the candy is out in the open. If you don’t like the idea and you are strongly against this don’t send your children in there. The Smoke Shop by the train never hide the xrated magazines from childrens view at least this store is during the day. Give them a break. We have better things to worry about like people being shot in the park and people trying to rob our children while walking to school.


I don’t see what the big deal is. Especially when most candy stores sell x-rated magazines that aren’t covered up. Like kids don’t see that. Please.


Thank you all so much for all your comments.. positive and negative. I was disappointed that The Astoria Post chose only to write about the Naughty Sweets available at The Candy Bar when we also told them about the Charity and Fundraising space we were offering for FREE to any organization who needed a venue for their fundraising events. Perhaps this just goes to show want is important in our society and what can be viewed as “rubbish”. The human body is neither … We do hope the Post will do a follow-up and tell you all about our charity work as well.


And this is a rather small part of all the stuff going on at The Candy Bar these days… we also offer ceramics classes, knitting groups, book reading, and a host of party planning events! We hope you’ll all come on down and see EVERYTHING the Candy Bar has to offer and have a great experience with your family and friends.


I think it is wrong to sell these items side by side in a “Candy store” that caters to children during the day. It is stupid to think that if you close a curtain it will be fine. Like no one would ever forget to cover it on day or a kids may move the curtain itself. I have no problem with a naughty candy store but then that should be all that it is so that children do not enter its doors. Its just wrong to do it in a place that entices children and families to come in and buy some candy and toys! Perhaps this woman should go to her hometown of Bayside to do this. I find her arrogance about not rethinking it disgusting.

Luisa H

Oh for Christ sake…lighten up people….they arent having prostitutes in there. Its phallic shaped candy and “naughty” candy. Its covered up…what part of that dont you understand?


Thank you for your comments… we really appreciate the understanding and support and the lightheartedness you applied to responding. This is exactly what our intent was… a lighthearted addition to what we already offer as a fun experience in a candy store!

George the local

These type of products do not belong in this neighborhood a block from ps122. Shame on them.


They have a right to sell what they want. Besides, it’s covered up during the day and out of the sight of children, so who cares?


We are sorry you feel this way… our intent is certainly not to disrespect anyone. This is a fun, novel, harmless product line which makes people giggle and laugh. We hope you will come and see for yourself.


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