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Woman’s purse snatched at Dino’s Pizza, Vietnam vet comes to her aid


April 20, 2015 By Michael Florio

A Vietnam vet came to the aid of a 66-year-old Astoria woman whose purse was snatched at a Broadway pizzeria last Wednesday, according to police.

The victim was dining at Dino’s Pizza & Pasta, located at 30-01 Broadway, when a man grabbed her purse from the back of her chair at about 7:15 pm on April 15, the police said. The alleged perpetrator then fled.

A resident and Vietnam Vet chased the man down the street to the corner of 31st and Broadway. The alleged perpetrator dropped the purse and it was recovered by the Good Samaritan who also snapped a picture.

The woman’s property was returned with nothing missing.

The alleged perpetrator was described as a 5 foot 2 inch 280-pound black male in his mid-to-late 30s. He faces charges of attempted grand larceny.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-577-TIPS



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Being a long time resident who doesn’t like the new breed destroying their neighborhood I know this much… I and my pals will kick in the faces of those who don’t belong… and that is a promise.


Who are the new breed destroying this neighborhood?

I and my pals will kick the faces of anyone named “Papolopias”…and that is a promise.


I don’t know why I always come on here and people complain about Astoria and “hipsters”. You are free to leave the area if you don’t like it. As a lifelong resident, I love the changes.


Well said JM. The word “Hipsters” is thrown around here a lot. It’s gentrification. It has it’s drawbacks and it’s perks but it’s happening. Smart people will realize that and go with it. it’s all about attitude. If you have a bad attitude you’re going to be miserable and complain about everything including the “hipsters” ruining your neighborhood.


Idiotic statement. It’s people like you who are unwanted in this neighborhood. We can only hope you and your kind leave ASAP.


They have to say alleged because the man has not been found guilty in a vourt of law. We live in a country that protects the rights of criminals. If you were ever wrongly accused you would appreciate that right. Stop being so ignorant non hipsters of Astoria 😉


“alleged”. Political correctness is ridiculously rampant nowadays! He was caught red-handed, and it’s still alleged? Really?
And why wasn’t this animal arrested?

Anthony A.

Astoria is now a mix of wealthy Hipster brats and dirt bags like this tubby guy who snatches purses. What the hell happened to my neighborhood?


Yes it has been like this the past three years especially … why? because of all the midwestern imports into Astoria. They like their upscale coffee and bagel and dislike the Astorian who has been here their entire life.


We don’t dislike you we dislike your attitude. We don’t like upscale coffee, we like good coffee. We also like the old school shops, believe it or not! You’re just on here to rant.


There’s the Astoria houses and quuensbridgs houses. These places ardfull of gangbangers and varnifs of all kinds. Shut down the pj’s and NYC crime
Prob goes away


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