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Woman Slashed and Stabbed on 35th Street Monday Night: NYPD


July 22, 2020 By Christian Murray

A woman who was walking along 35th Street near 36th Avenue in Astoria Monday night was stabbed and slashed by a knife-wielding man, police said.

The victim, 38, was attacked while walking between 35th and 36th Avenues at around 10:15 p.m., police said.

One person who arrived on the scene shortly after the incident told the Queens Post that they heard screams while at the Sunswick Bar, which is located on the corner of the 35th Street and 35th Avenue.

The victim had been pinned up against a car, the witness said, and her neck, chest and hand were slashed by a box cutter.

Police said the victim went to Elmhurst Hospital but didn’t have information about the victim’s condition.

The witness, who contacted the Queens Post Tuesday, said the woman’s injuries were not too serious and that she took a cab to the hospital to avoid being charged ambulance fees.

The witness was stunned that the victim’s first concern after being attack was her medical bills.

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Sara Ross

I’m so sorry she went through that because you never get over it. Why did she go to Elmhurst when Astoria has hospitals closer? I noticed in the story there was no description. Could he be one of the mentally ill that the overpaid, wife of Mayor is supposed to be helping with ThriveNYC? Hmmm.

James Matsis

I took a cab to ER after I cut myself with a glass and required stitches. I didn’t have insurance at the time but even if I did, I’d still Uber it.


Those medical bills are serious though. If we had free healthcare for all this wouldn’t be a problem.


Yeah and then wait 1 whole day for a doctor to see you or months and months for a major surgery like the United Kingdom.

Pat Macnamara

If we didn’t have lowlife criminals who have been given a free pass to rape, rob, murder, and pillage this would be a non-issue.

Pat Macnamara

Any word from DeBlasio, Costa, AOC? Innocent people being slashed on the streets of a once safe neighborhood-yet not a peep. Keep voting Democrat-a criminal’s best friend. Disgraceful


The Queens DA might need video footage of the attack to go viral before prosecuting and charging the suspect with attempted murder.


What a horrible incident. I’ve walked that block at around that time thinking I was safe with no thought that something like this would happen in that location.

Regarding medical bills, even with insurance ( regular, comprehensive insurance), I pay over $200 for an ambulance, so I probably would have done the same thing under the same circumstances.


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