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Upscale diner coming to Astoria Blvd., location of the now-defunct Astoria Bake Shop

Source: Yelp

April 24, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A local restaurateur is opening up a new upscale diner and market in the old Astor Bake Shop storefront.

When it opens in a few months, Astoria Provisions, at 12-23 Astoria Boulevard, will check many culinary boxes, including coffee shop and bakery, gourmet restaurant, and market for unique food products.

The new restaurant is the brainchild of John Parlatore, who also owns Gastroteca at 33-02 34th Avenue, and it will offer a “concept that is not served in Astoria,” Parlatore said.

Astoria provisions will have a coffee bar and bakery case in the front part of the restaurant, which will sell gourmet pastries, including specialty homemade yeast doughnuts with flavors such as bacon jelly sugar powder, matcha, and one stuffed with Nutella and rolled in cornflakes.

Beyond the coffee shop area, there will be a full restaurant serving brunch, lunch and dinner, with favorites from Gastroteca such as chicken and waffles, and other “fine diner” fare including breakfast food like pancakes and eggs and bistro style dinner food such as simple meat and fish dishes, Parlatore said.

There will also be a retail section in the restaurant selling private label goods such as pesto, apple butter, bloody Mary mix, and more, allowing customers to recreate their favorite dishes at home.

“This concept is really to serve the neighborhood with a concept that doesn’t exist in the area, and will be full service for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and cocktails,” Parlatore said.

Parlatore said that he plans to open in about two months, and is currently renovating the space and in the early stages of preparations. He plans to offer a full bar, but is unsure if he will have a liquor license by the time Astoria Provisions opens, so anticipates the restaurant being BYOB to start off.

Though he has not yet set an opening date, Parlatore said he plans on kicking off the opening with a barbecue party for the community, and is hoping to roast a whole pig and offer lots of local beer.

“Astoria has lots of great diners, but this restaurant will offer something different and bring something new that is very much aimed at serving the Astoria community,” Parlatore said.

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“The plan is to take the waterfront NYCHA”,..”con the poor w money to move”. Feel sad even to read this. There are many hardworking people in those buildings,whatever else you may read. Millions were recently spent to maintain& improve parts of Queensbridge,for example. Hope that making things better or newer doesn’t mean ‘getting rid of” ..In NYC, where to go?


This particular area is actually very under served when it comes to restaurant choices. I have a friend who lives very near by and is really looking forward to this place opening. Why all the hate? Life is too short. Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t make you superior. You are sad.

David Ethan Levit

The world is in a constant state of change/flux. Certain groups are fighting wars to try and keep things as they were/are, but in vain. One thing that never changes is that change is inevitable. I’ve been in the neighborhood for almost thirty years and I welcome new business! If it’s well done it should last, and if not, next!


can we stop gentrifying astoria. go back to manhattan. do any of you people care about the people that have grown up there their whole lives? it’s an epidemic and it needs to stop. this is an idea stolen directly from eataly


Eataly?? Did you read the article? It says from the folks at Gastroteca, the women quoted in the article is born and raised in Astoria and employs people from the neighborhood. How can they go back to Manhatan if they are from Astoria? So sad. You speak about carrying about people from Astoria but yet you’re hating on these small business owners instead of supporting.


Astoria is already a full fledged gentrified neighborhood. No one seeking to make money cares about anyone in the community nor do they care about the history. It’s not the restaurants or the bars coming in, it’s the developers and the local landlords who succumb to the money who are to blame and your local councilman, no matter how much he “loves” the people of Astoria. Also, the current and prior administration are the ones to blame for this mess as well.


What do you want?,,,, a rule that people who lived in Astoria for so many years get first dibs on buying and renting places? That’s illegal so you can’t.

Even if you stopped new apartment buildings from going up all that will do it is raise the rents on the remaining places.

Ever since the crime waves of 70s,80s and some 90s stopped and people started moving back into the city this has been happening.

Alex Tikas

Attention everyone !!! PLEASE STOP PROGRESS because “lu” has grown up here all his life and feels vewy vewy sad that the world around him is progressing and evolving . EXCEPT of course when its time to sell their house for god knows how much more than they bought it for …


So true! It’s going to be hyper-gentrification. The plan is to take the waterfront NYCHA houses and eventually make them middle class houses …with the new Astoria ferry service and the new high rise condos being built on first street and 26 avenue. The poor will eventually be conned with money to move out and the area will be for the middle and upper class. Rents will be sky high?


What’s the problem with the projects ? People in the projects eat too .Not everyone is a thug or drug dealer


Disgusting. Astoria is already saturated with unhealthy food options. We need more healthy plant-based,vegetarian, vegan fare. Smart business owners would hit the vegan market, but here are more baked goods and roasted animals in a neighborhood already full of that kind of “food.”

ivan beacco

that’s why people like you bring a bad name to perfectly civilized and polite vegetarians and vegan. Disgusting? I would say so about your manners and the disrespectful ways you vomit your opinion on somebody else’s business and life. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


i’m in a transition period right now cutting out meat from my diet, and i do feel better.
people are addicted to meat and it’s taste, and i am too. yet, i’ve found a new love for vegetables and all of their wholesome goodness and variety.
so much color and life, and you can do anything to them!

plus, this spot sounds exactly like what Astor Bake Shop was! bringing the same concept to a store which just closed.
Who fucking leases these spaces?
Astoria landlords are idiots


I don’t think you read the article. This will be nothing like Astor Bake Shop.


You need to find something better to do with your time… no one is forcing you to go there, and it is REAL FOOD that will be served, so I’m not sure why you thought it was ok to put food in quotations. If anything, YOU are eating “food” – vegan items are constantly trying to imitate normal food items, like “tofurkey” or “mock meat.” I personally think that’s gross, but I’m not crawling up your tuchus about it… go complain somewhere else to people who care what you have to say, or move to Brooklyn, you’ll fit right in and have plenty of vegan, and, (what you consider to be), “healthy” restaurant options. Besides, you just sound ignorant – cutting out entire food groups, (with the exception of doing so for allergies), is not, as you say, “healthy.” Do us all a favor and go away. Thanks!


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