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Two restaurants close on Steinway, leaving big space available for new tenant

April 2, 2017 Sponsored Story

Two separate eateries sharing the same address on Steinway have closed, leaving approximately 2,000 sq. ft. vacant.

The Burger Shack and Ali Baba Kebab House, previously located at 30-94 Steinway St., closed their doors recently leaving an opportunity for a new commercial tenant. The combined space measures approximately 2,000 square feet, which consists of 1,000 square feet on the ground floor and 1,000 in the basement

The Guardian Group, whose banner is visibly displayed on the shutters of the storefront, is currently in charge of leasing the property and describes the space as “prime, highly recognizable ‘Steinway Street’.”

Broker Roz Khan said he is looking for a fresh and trendy corporate tenancy that caters to young professionals in the area, “something like Shake Shack,” he said.

There is no key money required for the new tenant and the space comes with a full kitchen, gas line and refrigeration. Therefore, the operator of a new restaurant, bar or lounge would be able to open at the location immediately.

Along with commercial businesses, there are several residential units available on Steinway Street.

Roz, who has already rented out a number of residential units on Steinway Street, says the strip is “becoming a true mixture of residential and retail space.”

“I’m optimistic Steinway Street will see a new level of interest and excitement,” he added.

Interested parties are asked to call (917) 977-1507 or e-mail

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Arthur Lynch

I have a lot of great memories of growing up on Crescent Street in Astoria. Went to PS 5 on 29th St., then JHS 126 on 21st St. (We called that Van Alst Avenue.) Then I went to Long Island City H.S. at Queens Plaza (which is now Newcomers High School. I left Astoria permanently when I was 21. Have passed through it since then. Sadly, I have to admit I’m glad I left when I did. The place has changed unbelievably, and not for the better, at least in appearance. I lived just half a block from what was then Astoria General Hospital (now Mt. Sinai). I remember walking past the old “Daly Hospital” along 30th Rd. to grade school at PS 5. That beautiful building, which later became part of Astoria General,…a building that should have been preserved for its historical value, was leveled in recent years (thanks to the geniuses who run NYC!) In its place is a genormous block-shaped monstrosity that locks like something out of science fiction! Ugly as sin, but I guess “business” comes first. NYC’s HHC can be dubiously proud of its record of letting other area hospitals fall by the wayside, including the one I was born in, Boulevard Hospital on 31st Avenue (We called that “Jamaica Avenue”). Modernization can, of course, be a good thing, if it’s done ‘thoughtfully’ (which has hardly been the case in Astoria.) I’m now retired and living in Florida (with Heaven knows how many other retirees.) I’m not sorry. I have more than enough good memories of my “home town” to carry me through. Sorry if I hurt any current Astorians’ feelings, but that’s where it’s at for me.. 8 (

Poparoo 46

Hey maaaaaaan ,poparoo here, aka-the bull-aka-the hernia kid. I see it comes with a gas line maaaan, what are they kiddin me, ha oh boy. Crazy maaaaan just crazy, whos gonna fill their car up here, come on maaaaan

Nabe Watch

You want trendy fast food, because reasonable fast food (Wendy’s) was priced out across the avenue. Not suitable for a bank, and the empty former Capital One branch 3 doors down has been empty for 3 years or more. It’s Steinway, stop it with the bs agent talk.


Perhaps this ‘article’ should have been placed in the classified section as an advertisement.


This is just an advertisement for the firm the forced these two businesses out. I sure hope you guys got paid for this.


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