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Two Lizards Opens On Ditmars Blvd Boasting Mexican Ingredients And Tequilas


March 7, 2016 By Michael Florio

A new Mexican restaurant is now open on Ditmars Boulevard.

Two Lizards, which opened about two weeks ago at 35-02 Ditmars Blvd., aims to bring fresh authentic Mexican food and top-notch drinks to the neighborhood, according to manager Eliana Lavrentis.

The restaurant wants to be known for serving quality frozen margaritas, mojitos and large selection of tequilas, many of which are imported from Mexico, Lavrentis said.

“Our bar has an extremely large variety of tequilas imported from Mexico,” she said.

The bar also has a variety of cocktails, wine and beer.

Lavrentis said that Two Lizards’ top selling item so far is the guacamole, which is freshly made right in front of the customer.

“The cart is brought out to the table and it is made right there,” she said. “It is 100 percent fresh and offers some entertainment as well.”

Popular lunch items include the chicken soup, tacos and burritos.

Dinner favorites include fresh handmade corn and flour tortillas, fajitas and three cheese quesadillas.

Two Lizards’ meats are freshly charcoal grilled with spices imported from Mexico, according to Lavrentis.

The restaurant serves both meat and vegetarian options, with its enchiladas, empanadas, tacos and quesadillas offerings. The menu also has several gluten-free options.

The owner would like to implement a brunch menu in the coming weeks, according to Lavrentis.

The kitchen is open from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. during the week and 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. on weekends. The bar stays open to 1 a.m. during the week and 2 a.m. on weekends.

Two Lizards can seat 84 people and the owner is looking into acquiring an outdoor seating café license in the future.

The owner saw a need for a Mexican restaurant on Ditmars Boulevard and was immediately intrigued with the location, Lavrentis said.

“It is a nice location and has a lot of foot traffic,” she said.

This is the second Two Lizards location, with another on 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

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I laugh but its true. All these places opening up from people who once lived here and now live out on the island and use their places to profit. Astoria is trying so hard to stay trendy and with this comes pros but many cons also.

build the wall Donald!

Donald, build that wall baby! My Pappou and Yiayia came into the USA legally via Ellis Island and had their names changed for them whether they liked it or not. They were checked for diseases and went through all kinds of questioning and analysis because they came in the legal way.

Goddess Athena

Greek woman wants to sell Mexican food and Tequila? What, Ditmars Astoria the next noisy dirty Williamsburg? Ditmars is the new Bedford Avenue. Oh Gross. We don’t need more alcohol in the neighborhood so that the trust fund kids can puke on the streets and go home drunk. They will hassle their Greek landlords don’t you see? What a mess with all these trendy new noisy stupid places. This used to be quiet working class Little Greece. All these trendy minded business owners are messing it up royally.


haha. I laugh but its true. And its the same people living here for years that have changed Astoria to what it is today. Most of these new developments are from people who used to live here and now live out on the island and just use their places to profit. Funny how everyone always talks about the newcomers when they have nothing to do with all these establishments.


This isn’t authentic Mexican food. Why do restaurants with Tex-Mex menus say they are authentic Mexican? Quesadillas…come on. What is this Taco Bell? Is there even goat on the menu?


“extremely large variety of tequilas imported from Mexico.” Umm….does this person not know that ALL tequila comes from Mexico?
Yup…authentic Mexican place. Strike one and two.


Lol…I was about to post the exact same thing…not a good sign for the owner to say this and then claim they feature “authentic Mexican cuisine”. They probably don’t even know what that is.


Its much better than horrible Artichoke Pizza. That pizza is terrible.


You should go to their original artichoke pizza place on 14th st. The one on ditmars is too cheesy and salty.


PS, that location had a C rating at one point. do you know how foul your place has to be in order to receive a C grade?


I trust the owners more than a money grubbing food board run by the incompetent and corrupt Bill “vote for my son’s afro and not the issues” DiBlasio.


And Mexicans are working the grill in every single Greek restaurant in Astoria. There is no difference. It is not surprising the Greeks are smart enough to see the great talent cooking in their kitchens. Smart move. We need authentic Mexican in Astoria.


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