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Three-Story ‘Tut’s Hub’ Family Restaurant Opening On Steinway


Oct. 9, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

A three-story Egyptian-themed restaurant is set to open this month at the former Wendy’s on Steinway Street.

Tut’s Hub, located at 30-91 Steinway St., will focus on traditional Egyptian dishes as well as casual American fare, in a setting decked out with sculptures and decorations inspired by ancient Egypt.

“I have always had a passion about bringing the history, art and ancient Egypt – [the] feeling like you’re going into the tomb, into the temple,” owner and Astoria resident Khaled Abdelhaleem said.

The menu will include dishes from Abdelhaleem’s Egyptian background, such as hawashi – sautéed beef sandwiched in dough – or koshari, a pasta and lentil dish that will be served with hot sauce.

kitchenOther menu items will include falafel, rotisserie and fried chicken, fish and fried veggies.

An open kitchen is on the first floor; seating for about 100 people spans the first and second floor. The third floor is a colorful, dedicated playspace for kids.

When completed, the playspace will accommodate about 25 kids with arts and crafts, activities, TVs and games. A manager and two employees will watch the space, while parents will be able to connect to a monitor, to keep an eye on the room while they eat downstairs.

Abdelhaleem said he aims to hold the grand opening mid-October.

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the restaurant is already for sale and hasn’t even been open for 1 full year.

no one listens or does their due diligence in Astoria. That’s why so many places close down within a matter of months or years.


Hey Harry Makropoulos, I thought all types of food have some form of Ethnic or cultural background. Italian pizza, Greek Gyro’s, The All American Hot Dog, Chinese Food, Japanese Food, and so on are you saying no restaurants on Steinway Street? When I travel down Steinway Street I see all types of people.

Harry Makropoulos

The place looks ridiculous!! It has no place on Steinway Street in Astoria but would definitely blend with the landscape in Vegas!!! Ethnic or cultural specific have no place on Steinway Street in Astoria!! The Steinway Astoria partnership has to think up better ways to attract businesses that cater more to the average New Yorker and will create more economic activity!!!!


it’s definitely an interesting concept.

only thing is, unless this guy is rich the overhead on this will be substantial.

he will take a bath the 1st two years before be makes a profit. this is a NNN rental situation, which has additional costs associated with it compared to a traditional retail rental.

Wend’ys didn’t even renew their lease….that has to speak volumes.

best of luck sir.

Anonymous visitor

The children’s playroom is a great idea. Parents can enjoy their meal in piece without screaming kids being annoying and throwing food around.


What a cool concept. Hopefully a combo of table service and a place to get a quick bite.

I don’t know much about Egyptian food but definitely on my list to visit after they open.


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