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Crawl your way through Astoria’s Irish bars for St. Paddy’s

Mar. 8, 2024 By Iryna Shkurhan St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching on Mar. 17, and celebrations have already begun, with an array of events lined up for the following weekend to extend the festive spirit. The Wolfhound on 30th Ave. in Astoria is hosting its second annual bar crawl on March 23. It is… Read more »

Skillman Ave and 43rd Street co-named “St. Pat’s for All Way” in honor of parade’s 25th anniversary

Mar. 4, 2024 By admin Mar. 4, 2024 By Rachel Butler Queens Council Member Julie Won and City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams joined the Irish Consul General Helena Nolan in Sunnyside on March 3 to mark the 25th annual St. Pat’s for All Parade with a street co-naming of Skillman Ave and 43rd Street as “St. Pat’s for All Way.” The location for the co-naming was selected since the stage for the annual parade is erected at the intersection of 43rd St and Skillman Avenue. Founded in 2000, the parade provides an inclusive celebration of Irish culture, as an alternative… Read more »