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Support Astoria’s Small Businesses in Sale Crawl March 22-24

Map of Astoria Businesses Participating in Sale Crawl (Brass Owl Facebook)

March 17, 2019, By Meghan Sackman

A number of Astoria stores are banding together for a spring sale promotion next weekend.

The promotion will offer customers who shop at the participating businesses with a chance to win a gift card and merchandise.

Shop Small Astoria, a group that promotes local businesses, is the organizing the event, which will take place from March 22 to 24.

The promotion is centered around a “passport,” available at any of the 17 stores that are part of the event. Shoppers are encouraged to get the passport stamped by a store when they buy items. 

Customers with stamps from five or more stores are entered into a draw to win a gift card worth $400 in value.

Shoppers with eight or more stamps automatically win a “swag bag” with goodies and coupons to the participating stores and local bars and restaurants.

Participating stores include:

  1. AlterWork Studios
  2. The Astoria Bookshop
  3. Belief NYC
  4. Boutiqueloo
  5. The Brass Owl
  6. Broadway Silk Store
  7. Château le Woof – Pet Market & Café
  8. Disco Paws
  9. Good Games NYC
  10. HiFi Records & Cafe
  11. Inside Astoria
  12. Lavender Label
  13. Lockwood
  14. Lockwood Paper
  15. Lockwood Style
  16. LoveDay 31
  17. Petals & Roots

Customers need to drop off their completed passport at any of the following locations by March 25 to be eligible to win the prizes: The Brass Owl, located at 36-19 Ditmars Blvd; Chateau Le Woof, located at 31-01 Vernon Blvd; Lavender Label, located at 29-03 23rd Ave; or Lockwood Gift, located at 32-15 33rd St. 

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Pat Macnamara

They must be trying to move the overpriced inventory they thought would fly off the shelves during the holidays.Criced garbage-opting to buy trendy overpriced garage at a discount on Amazon. Now these “small retailers”, no one really knows or cares about, come up with this hairbrained scheme to drive traffic to these stores. Additionally the article is in desperate need of a copyedit in order to convey the message clearly. In closing, anything that mentions a “swag bag” will be attended by the douchiest of the douches-those who would not have lasted three days in the Queens of the 70s and 80s.


Newsflash: the ’70s and ’80s ended over thirty years ago and they’re never coming back. Maybe stop holding onto the past because you’re a bitter old F and let a new generation try and make a living

Pat Macnamara

if this is their attempt at trying to “make a living” then they will be done by the end of the year. Horrible, kitschy crap that appeal to a limited lot. Gimmicks like these will bring in those who browse but won’t spend a dime because they can get it online cheaper. Wake up newjacks…


And just how many businesses have you started single-handedly?


Amazing that a comment posted today already scored 69 downvotes. The hipster bots are out to protect these herb run stores like Wackwood lol They really need 3 stores to sell their shitty merch????


LMAO 422 downvotes. Hipster nerds are tough behind the keyboard. if only 422 of you losers actually shopped at these crappy locations and buy their garbage they wouldn’t need gimmicks like this crap
losers go back to your flyover states


SMH .You FROM the neighborhood but you ain’t doing anything FOR the neighborhood. Now you criticizing others for doing what you can’t!? FOH


This we be more successful if this was a pub crawl that stopped at each store on the way to the next bar. I mean, the last shop might have it a little rough but at least it would be fun.

Otherwise, getting a paper stamped and being put into a drawing after buying something at 5 stores doesn’t seem that exciting at all.

Shoot Small Astoria

Each of the 17 shops are contributing a gift card. Not many of the shops have online stores, so unfortunately most will have to be used in person.

Spiros Agnews

yeah but these losers want my business and my money. Without it they go out of business. HAHHAHAHHAH Here’s hoping they do and we can get legitimate businesses instead.

Edmond D.

Trust me on this ‘Arhidi – They don’t want or need YOUR business.
The only “Loser” here is you, wishing they close up so you can have another “massage parlor” in its place.


The Brass Owl is on Ditmars Blvd… I guess you don’t know how to read… also Disco Paws…


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