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Subway advocacy group takes aim at Cuomo over poor train service


March 18, 2015 By Christian Murray

A New York City subway advocacy group is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature to provide the funding needed to fix the decaying No. 7, N and Q lines.

The group, the Riders Alliance, is collecting subway riders’ horror stories this week—and will present them to Cuomo and the state legislature who will be deciding whether to fund the MTA’s proposed $32 billion five-year-capital plan in upcoming months.

“It’s easy to blame the MTA for all of these breakdowns and malfunctions, but the real culprits are Governor Cuomo and members of the state legislature, who have not stepped up to provide the funds that would fix and upgrade our subways,” said John Raskin, Executive Director of the Riders Alliance, said.

“If Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers don’t fund the next MTA capital program, riders are going to see a lot more of these signal malfunctions and train breakdowns in the future, he said.

On Tuesday, members of the Riders Alliance were at Queensboro Plaza and asked N,Q and 7 riders to share their experiences.

The move to collect riders’ “horror stories” has been prompted by a sharp increase in complaints about signal malfunctions, unexplained train delays and generally deteriorating service in recent weeks, according to the Riders Alliance. The group argues that the aging system can only be repaired if lawmakers decide to fund the next capital program.

Carol Crump, a 7 train rider, shared here horror story Tuesday: “I rely on the 7 train to get me from Queens to work on the Upper West Side. But lately—weekend and late night service on the 7 train has been a joke! Sometimes I have to resort to taking the bus or car service and that’s not sustainable or affordable!”

The Riders Alliance is collecting stories of similar experiences online at through Friday, March 20th.

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Astoria is bursting at the seams. Don’t know how much longer before fights start over parking spots and subway seats.


I don’t understand why people complain about the 7. Every night when I’m at Queensboro Plaza waiting for the never arriving N/Q train, at least 5+ 7 trains go through to Flushing/Willets Point. Meanwhile, I wait for the interminable N/Q and watch in amazement as trains rush off east to Flushing. I must be missing something…

Also, not only is the service horrible and in desperate need of an upgrade on the N/Q, the stations between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza are too small to service the masses of people trying to use the train. The worst has been the 30av stop on the N/Q line that has only had one of the two staircases up to the Manhattan platform working for the last 7 weeks! It is only this morning that the stairs are finally fixed and open again.It should have been fixed weeks earlier as an emergency safety issue! Meanwhile, we get to pay more for less starting next week and more and more large buildings are being built on a line that can’t handle the current number of residents. Enough!


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