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Stop & Shop to Close Its 48th Street Location Oct. 20

Stop & Shop on 48th Street, pictured, will be closing Oct. 20 (Photo: Queens Post)

Oct. 3, 2022 By Christian Murray

Stop & Shop supermarket will be shutting down its 48th Street location in Long Island City later this month, the company has confirmed.

A spokesperson for Stop & Shop said the store will close on Oct. 20 after it made a decision at the beginning of the year not to renew its lease at its 34-51 48th St. location.

“After a detailed review of the operating performance of our stores, we have made the difficult decision to not renew our lease at our store…,” said Stefanie Shuman, external communications manager for Stop & Shop.

The company will offer its employees positions at other area Stop & Shop locations once the store closes.

“We will operate the Long Island Stop & Shop store until Oct. 20, and we look forward to serving the community until then,” Shuman said.

The announcement comes about 18 months after BJ’s Wholesale Club opened its Long Island City store across the street at 34-60 48th St.

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EVIL!!! Just when groceries that are affordable are most needed, they pull this stunt! They said in January 2023 they may close. Now they go back on their word and close 2-3 months earlier… What are the lower income patrons like NACHA, the elderly, long time residents, and young graduates who do not have a disposable income supposed to do. Groceries are becoming increasingly expensive added on to rising rents and the expensive “green deal” causing ConEd to price gauge their residents and local businesses. First you killed Key Food on Ditmars, then Associated Supermarket, now Stop & Shop! BJ’s does NOT have a vast variety of worldly goods nor a good organic section, people consider it a zoo with poor prices that need a “membership”. It’s a food store Not Club Med!
We need affordable grociers not 2 Targets, learn to walk people! Laziness is stealing the hearts of Astoria! Astoria is increasingly becoming a ghost town ghetto. Fart cars, crime, homeless, migrants, out of control smoke shops, over use of pot, hipsters turned vagrants. With all this going on is it any wonder why people are leaving everyday? But for those of us without the disposable income of the nomad rich, how do we continue to live? You came, You destroyed, You ran and now we’re left with a broken Astoria. Thanks for nothing!?

Jefferson's Ghost

What stunt? They simply decided not to renew their lease. What’s wrong with that? It’s a business, not a social service agency.


I always liked shopping there, I’ll miss the place, it was the closest thing we have to a midwestern grocery store. They had a great variety. Hopefully something else will come along. A Kroger’s would be awesome.


nope. A korean/chinese supermarket is coming. its called HMart. most if not all their products are foreign and written in korean or chinese. dont really know why they are coming there because the area does not have a huge asian population. HMart is generally located in Flushing. who knows. they might not stay very long. FYI, that stop and shop was there since 1997. we lost the western beef, we lost the pathmark that was replaced with ultra high priced ripoff food bazaar, and now we lost this. keyfood is a joke. they are monopolistic and are buying the c-towns and associated stores all around. they’ve already bought out every super market in sunnyside and use subsidiary names like food universe, green valley, and super fresh.


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