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Shots Fired on Quiet Astoria Street


June 17, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

Police are investigating a shooting that occurred last weekend on a quiet residential street near Astoria Park.

At approximately 5 a.m. on Saturday, multiple shots were fired on 24th Street between Hoyt Avenue N and 24th Avenue. A spent round was found lodged in the doorframe of 24-57 24th St., according to the NYPD.

Captain Peter Fortune, Commanding Officer of the 114 Precinct, said that a bullet also entered a neighboring window, but could not immediately confirm the address.

A spent 40-caliber casing was found in front of 24-57. Police also recovered a baseball hat, Fortune said.

Police found no evidence of injuries and the investigation is ongoing.

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A person who uses the word ‘TOWNIE’ isn’t from Queens or Brooklyn or Manhattan or the Bronx or S.I. the person who uses that word is definitely a HIPSTER who has Mommy and Daddy paying their rent and they come from Buffalo. TOWNIE MAGIC 8 BALL you are a bearded creepy spoiled Hipster.


Shave your beard and buy something that isn’t from a thrift shop and most of all get off rich mommy and daddy titt… trust fund brat.


That is the slum area of Astoria in the respect of lots of drug taking and or dealing late at night.


its not close to the motel so it really has nothing to do with it … i really cant wait till the people who treat people who are homeless like shit are living on the street an have nothing … and if u were educated in anyway you would know the shelter is for homeless families not single homeless people !!!!! it run through the path in the bronx and that is a family shelter only !!!!!


Its a family shelter. But a child is considered just that until 18 years of age. Unfortunately the problem is that these “kids” these days act like naimals! At age 13/14/15/16—– they are already violent,having sex,drinking,using drugs etc…. So it doesnt matter if its a family shelter or not. Im sure not all the people in that shelter are great parents either!

Anonymous visitor

How about you research it a little bit further and stop insulting people? It is supposed to be for families but it took a whole neighborhood to get a convicted rapist out of the shelter for families. Distance from hotel has nothing to do with it either. People can walk and they do. No one is treating anyone like garbage. People bring their own garbage with them. Then they try to spread it.


That area has a lot of drug dealing happening late at night. It is miles away from Westway Motel. I’ve seen drug transactions happening when I am looking for parking at night. This is what you get when a neighborhood has a massive influx of people all at once, neighbors become strangers.

Anonymous visitor

Crime and violence have gone up since westway became a homeless shelter . Never had such issues in the neighborhood before no matter what. Hopefully new senate bill will shut it down




This is the drug dealer that dominates THAT AREA (which is MILES AWAY from Westway).


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