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Shore Boulevard in Astoria Park Has Been Closed to Traffic Indefinitely

Shore Boulevard (Photo: Astoria Park Alliance (twitter))

April 17, 2020 Staff Report

The popular strip along Shore Boulevard by Astoria Park has been closed to traffic indefinitely as a means to stop people from congregating.

The boulevard, a long-time gathering spot for motorcycle and car enthusiasts, was still drawing people each night despite calls for social distancing.

The strip was closed yesterday to traffic but remains open to pedestrians.

The decision to close that section of the boulevard followed calls from the Astoria Park Alliance, a park advocacy group, to city officials and the 114th Precinct noting that people will still gathering there jeopardizing public safety.

“The time for congregating along the shoreline is not now,” the Alliance wrote in a letter to officials.

State Sen. Mike Gianaris lauded the city’s decision to close the strip in a tweet. yesterday.

“NYPD will CLOSE Shore Blvd to vehicular traffic to combat tailgating which, despite repeated warnings, was still taking place in defiance of social distancing directives. Will remain open for pedestrians. Be smarter, folks. It’s not just your own lives at stake.”

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Paige Jessica Collins

I can’t help but recognize the sense of community this road closeup has created, even amongst social distancing practices. I would love to see this become permanent as well and if not permanent it would be great to see if closed every Sunday. A great weekly activities for Astoria families! Any way we can make this happen?


Cyclists and joggers
need to obey laws.
Cyclists need to make full
stops at stop signs and watch for pedestrians, people and families crossing
the streets.
Cyclists need to stop at red
traffic lights and only
continue on
when light turn green
and pedestrian traffic are clear.
Cyclists need to rookie traffic
patterns as such
not to travel the wrong way
on a oneway street.

Joggers too need to keep safety in mind as that when jogging
down a street need to stop
at stop signs and red lights.

common sense.

Liked Astoria

I hope they close that strip for traffic for good. It was sickening to hear and see those retarded loud-exhaust drivers, dirt bikers, hookah smokers. NYC is becoming like a big ghetto. Let’s see how it will evolve…


Those that left Astoria and went back home to other counties and states during the pandemic here in NYC will vote for people like Constantinides, Gianaris and AOC when they return for work. You all complaining about them need to realize that. I live in a 4 story building with mostly young adult renters. It been about 80% empty when work closed. I am sure many will head back when restrictions are lifted and business starts to open up.

44 years old

What is the point of your comment? You don’t care for certain politicians and attribute their success to all the young Astorians? You boomers need a new material. Try and push your brain a bit, it’s good for your health.


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