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Shootings Rising at Astoria/Long Island City’s Public Housing Projects: NYPD

June 28, 2018 By Christian Murray

There has been a significant increase in the number of shootings in the 114th Precinct this year, despite the overall crime rate for the Astoria precinct remaining low.

The NYPD reports that that 10 people have been shot in the precinct for the year through June 17, up from two for the same period a year ago.

“Most of our shootings are taking place on housing developments,” said Deputy Inspector Osvaldo Nunez at the 114th Community Precinct Meeting on Tuesday. “We have taken 3 shootings in the last four to six weeks on housing property. Shootings on housing developments continue to be a problem.”

The precinct covers several public housing developments—such as Queensbridge Houses, Ravenswood Houses as well as Astoria Houses and Woodside Houses.

114th Precinct boundaries (Astoria and Roosevelt Island)

This year, there have also been several high-profile shootings at or near these locations. In March, Sharef Graham, 25, was shot dead in a walkway by Queensbridge Houses and in January a 28-year-old woman was hit by a stray bullet in Queensbridge. She survived.

“Most of the shootings take place in Queensbridge and Ravenswood,” Nunez said. He said the NYPD is monitoring a number of crews—which consist of between 15 to 30 members—in the housing developments.

He said that there are five known crews in Queensbridge, four in Ravenswood, two in Astoria Houses and one in Woodside Houses. A small dispute between a crew can result in a shooting.

Nunez said the NYPD is working to reduce the violence—although he didn’t go into any detail as to how.

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Tom Deir

I lived at 1-10 apt 5c Astoria blvd as the first renters in the building. We had such a good crowd of people, in 1949, I was 7 yrs old and every breed of races were there to learn from each other and respect was always in our minds

Danny o’ mulligan

Who cares. As long as the shooting stays there I’ll never get shot


It’s normal day in queensbridge. It’s been like this over here forever. Terrible place


Lived in Astoria Projects from 1975 to forward I earned an Associates Degree and ain’t where you start cause with GOD you can end up working for the me!


JVB is supporting “immigrants escaping from gangs, domestic violence, lack of job opportunities and poverty”. Guess he doesn’t see or acknowledge what is happening in Queensbridge, Ravenswood and in the Bronx! NONE of that STUFF going on in his stomping grounds. Where are the photo ops??? Better in front of Saint Sebastian’s Church.

Von Shuckman

First – Stop Snitchin? How about don’t break the law and be productive members of society?

And 2- these crimes have increased ever since the Far Rockaway peeps were moved in after Super Storm Sandy. They all need to go back.


Herb??? Are you stuck in the 90’s. Tim you sound like 45 year old internet tough guy who still lives home with mama.


But yet Mr. JVB says that there have been no shootings – again lies from him.


Any body who carries a gun has three choices shoot b shot or go to jail.or final one death guns are not the answer

Raymond B Normandeau

Queensbridge Crime Statistics from 2017 Being Used to Cover Up 2018 Figures. See
From Mayor’s Office transcript:
“Sure, I’ll certainly let April speak to that too. I want to tell you because I just spoke to the PSA commander on that. There was a homicide. It was not at Queensbridge. It was nearby.”
The homicide WAS in Queensbridge.
Did you see photo of crime scene at ?


A shooting is not something someone can manipulate when it comes to crime statistics like so many other crimes in Astoria.


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