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Queens Comfort to Close, Last Day October 11

Photo: Queens Post

Oct. 5, 2020 By Christian Murray

The owners of Queens Comfort, a well-known Astoria restaurant that opened in 2011, announced via Instagram over the weekend that they are closing their establishment for good on Oct. 11.

“We are truly heartbroken to announce that Queens Comfort will be closing—October 11th will be our last day,” according to the post.

“Thank you for so many incredible memories, you filled our dining room with love every day. You showed us the meaning of community.”

The restaurant first opened in Astoria in 2011 at 40-09 30th Ave. and gained a following for its innovative takes on comfort food, such as chicken and waffles breaded with cornflakes, and truffle mac and cheese.

The restaurant moved in February, 2018 to 36-18 30th Ave, which had once been the location of Sugar Freak.

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Don't want to leave but probably have to

We all knew it was bad, but it’s bad to a whole different level when the restaurant with lines around the block is leaving.

Sara Ross

The millions of dollars that the clown in city hall gave his over paid do nothing wife to run various groups should be used to help small businesses like Queens Comfort. She should show her corporate tax returns.

Now we know why Trump is hiding his taxes

Like you said, we know Trump only pays $750 in taxes, after he tried to hide that from us, we should see returns.

Is she related to Queens Comfort at all? That’s what this article is about.


Trump’s wife is not ripping of homeless and mentally ill. Billion dollar… Keep thriving NYC!

Pat Macnamara

Great news! The first sign of the exodus of the hipsters who have stained this neighborhood with their kitschy flair. Back to the flyover states to live with the ‘rents. Take your overpriced menu items with you.


I hear you. But the people who replace the hipsters might be worse. I hear loud junk music playing everywhere in Astoria now. Worse on the weekends…

"Hipsters?" Is it 2006 already?

Boomers are supposed to blame all their problems on “millennials” now. The hipsters were priced out of Astoria years ago, WOW you’re out of touch.

Pat Macnamara

No these are hipsters who own and run this dump. Go cry in your microwaved tater tots now that you can’t spend $8 to eat them here. You probably live in Jersey.


overpriced … cash only (!!!) … they had a good run, now they are taking their cash and leaving.

Caucasian Rascal

Owners that vote for and empower Democrats + Diners that vote for and empower Democrats = A tyrannical Democrat governor who destroys businesses. Got it? Even if all you were taught was Common Core math, you should be able to grasp this concept. It’s not difficult. Really.

no jobs, no wall, no economy

Like you said, the worst employment in out nation’s history. Sad to see it hurt local business so hard.


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