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Pomeroy OK’d For Outdoor Seating, With Compromises

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May 19, 2016 By Michael Florio

A Ditmars Boulevard bar and restaurant got a green light for outdoor seating this week, but not before significant criticism and a few compromises.

The owners of The Pomeroy, located at 36-12 Ditmars Blvd., went before Community Board 1 Tuesday night as part of their application for 16 sidewalk seats and eight accompanying tables.

The operators of the bar, which has been open for about eight months, discovered that their application was not embraced by their neighbors.

Several neighboring business owners and residents sent letters to CB 1 complaining about The Pomeroy’s patrons. They claimed that the bar’s customers were noisy, blocked apartment entrances, smoked outside, dropped their cigarette butts and even were known for vomiting.

One business owner collected about a dozen letters from residents who opposed the application and sent them to CB 1 ahead of the meeting.

“We are saying no, absolutely no,” the business owner said on Tuesday. “We say this because this is a bar, not a restaurant. There are always crowds of people outside.”

However, others spoke in favor of the outdoor seating application.

Blake Rice, who said he lives in an apartment upstairs from the bar/restaurant, described The Pomeroy owners as good neighbors.

“They are easy to work with,” he said. “I am glad to have them as neighbors.”

Michael McGuire and his business partner, Bo O’Connor, agreed to a number of conditions in order for their application to be approved. They agreed to disperse patrons in orderly fashion to reduce noise and cigarette smoke. They also said they would keep apartment entrances clear; try to keep the front door and center window closed to reduce noise; and clean their sidewalk three times a day.

They also promised to reach out to the 114 Precinct’s community affairs department every three months to go over any quality of life complaints.

Board members also expressed concern about the width of the sidewalk– especially with the outdoor seating. They were unsure whether it was wide enough for pedestrians to get through since there is a tree and a bicycle rack partially blocking the way. However, McGuire said that he had reached out to the Department of Transportation and the bike rack will be removed.

Nevertheless many Board members still thought outdoor seating would not leave adequate space for pedestrians, and ultimately decided to cut the number of seats requested in half. The Board voted to recommend approval of an outdoor café at The Pomeroy with four tables and eight chairs.

The application now goes to the Department of Consumer Affairs, which makes the final decision.

Several other businesses went before the Board seeking a positive recommendation for outdoor seating.

Singlecut Beersmiths (19-33 37th Street), Hinomaru Ramen (33-18 Ditmars Blvd), Hinomaru Ko Ramen (42-06 30th Ave), Portalia Ristorante (35-03 Broadway), and Basurero Bar & Restaurant (32-17 Steinway Street) all received a thumbs up from CB 1 for outdoor cafes.

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They’ll probably seat about 4 person per square on the sidewalk, so that’s coming out around 10 feet. As long as they aren’t rowdy and respect the neighbors I have no issues with this. It helps restaurants take on additional patrons which may not fit inside at the time and create additional revenue.
I yet to eat there but I’m certainly not paying $20 for a salad with chicken. These are Manhattan prices


i wonder if the nearby business’ are just upset because Lady Gaga did not stop and shop in their stores when she showed up at Pomeroy’s grand opening!


I saw this story on CBS. Nobody they interviewed on the street but the nearby older stores on that block (about 3 of them) cared about the outdoor seating.


I love passing by this ditmars area when i am dieting. The sites and smells curve my appetite.


Why are people so against outdoor seating? All The “neighborhood” establishments have plenty of it, no? So why can’t the newcomer have it as well? It’s a main boulevard not a side street. Those living above commercial space should expect to be inconvenienced by those businesses.

L Jenn

At least the sidewalks are relatively broad on Ditmars. It can be a real problem walking on 30th avenue during busy times. I think a lot of the outdoor seating places keep pushing farther and farther into the sidewalk. I’ve had to step into tree well sometimes just to walk past. Some locations are really a problem for people with mobility issues at times. And don’t get me start on Trade Fair’s progressive encroaching over so much of the public sidewalk…


Trade Fair, a supermarket, actually provides food and goods to the immediate community/residents as oppose to these restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating that try to attract a particular crowd not necessarily living in the surrounding community. Many residents on Ditmars and shoppers at Trade fair are seniors and ethnically diverse people in the neighborhood that shop in that location daily because of their senior discounts and ethically diverse products. They also deliver and many supermarkets in the area do not. Personally, i do not mind a location that is actually serving people (via selling food) in our community causing foot traffic or taking up some outdoor space.

Paul Ryan

Tradefair is a dirty dirty place. Not only does it smell but I’ve seen cats walking on the vegetables in there. Also it smells when I pass by. In addition when will they fix the lights on their sign?? It’s been years. tradefair is not the crown jewel of the neighborhood, it’s an embarrassment. Anyone who thinks it is a clean place – would hate to see how they live.

irish lassy -

don’t worry the counselman from there will be very happy about this — keep the money going into their pockets –


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