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Pols Hold Grand Opening of Fully Renovated Astoria Heights Playground

(Photo: Daniel Avila/NYC Parks)

July 20, 2018 By Tara Law

NYC Parks officials and local politicians cut the ribbon on a revamped Astoria Heights Playground yesterday.

The playground, which is located between 45th Street and 46th Street along 30th Road, had not undergone a major renovation in more than 20 years. The overhaul includes new play equipment for children under 15, an area for tennis and volleyball, and a reconstructed comfort station.

The project cost $7.9 million, according to the Parks Department, and expands the children’s play area, improves the atmosphere of the park and provides areas for passive use.

“Astoria Heights Park has [always] been a haven in our community,” said Councilmember Costa Constantinides, who allocated $1.1 million in funding toward the project. “Astoria families can now enjoy its sports courts, play equipment, picnic tables and spray shower without having to venture too far.”

(Photo: Daniel Avila/NYC Parks)

The project also includes new pathways and an access ramp; a spray shower with 10 in-ground spray jets and five upright spray features; and green infrastructure that manages precipitation in the park.

The playground’s design was based on feedback from the community as well as students and administrators from I.S. 10, which shares the space, NYC Parks said. The landscape architects also consulted surveys of nearby residents conducted by the Friends of Astoria Park civic organization.

Funding for the park renovation was provided by the Department of Environmental Protection, Constantinides and Borough President Melinda Katz. 

The mayor also funded the project through The Community Parks Initiative, which aims to fund parks in high-density neighborhoods with higher-than-average poverty.

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Astoria Heights was once a wonderful playground, probably the best in Astoria, with great areas for adults and chilfren. I grew up here and often went to the park so I know. The recent changes are HORRIBLE. they ELIMINATED THE POOL which was the one thing that kept kids off the streets and in a good environment in the summer. The new play areas are inferior and quite smaller than the old ones though they look nice. What’s more important, how it looks or the fun the kids have in it? The other day when it was stifling outside there were NO kids in the park whatsoever. Why? Because they is no pool. It is a disgrace and was a horrible call for Costas. And why did what isn’t broke, especially if it means spending millions. The lifeguards also lost their summer jobs.


took my daughter there when she was little. so much better then astoria pool. nice size pool. no fighting.. i could sit and relax in the shade of the trees and read a book and not have to worry about her. so sad they didnt keep the pool. spray showers are not the same as a pool.

Native New Yorker

So, tell us. How much would it cost if you were in charge? Let’s see a contractor’s estimate.


Yes of course! I must prove, validate, verify, and deliver all data to substantiate my opinions on a blog. This city has never seen a crooked politician-ever. Native New Yorker-must be from upstate.


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