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Police looking for suspects wanted for stealing woman’s bag from Break Bar & Billards


May 11, 2017 Staff Report

The police are looking for three suspects wanted for stealing a woman’s bag from an Astoria bar last month.

The suspects allegedly grabbed the woman’s bag from a hook inside Break Bar & Billiards, located at 32-04 Broadway, at 10:30 pm on Friday, April 28.

The victim’s bag contained $100 cash, an iPhone, credit cards and a drivers license, police said.

One of the suspects is a woman, between 25-30 years of age, last seen wearing a dark coat and black shoes. She was carrying an orange book bag and had the victim’s purse.

The two other suspects were men, aged between 25-30 years of age. One of the suspects was last seen wearing a white baseball cap, black sneakers and a dark colored coat. The other suspect was wearing a blue jean jacket, gray shirt, black jeans and brown shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS


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I personally could care less. Leave your stuff unattended and expect it to get stolen this isn’t Canada.


The victim is to blame. The general consensus belief amongst the millenial sect is that crime is down because of all the vibrancy and posh businesses in the area. You got to be pretty stupid to leave your personal valuables unattended.

The pool hall is dumb too. If they want to encourage safety for their customers, they should have a bag check person.


This happened a month ago and we hear about it now? She should have kept her belongings with her at all times if she valued what she had instead of being irresponsible. Besides looking for the suspects, does she plan to get her bag with stuff back because what good is it when they probably sold the phone, cards should be cancelled, and that 100 say goodbye to that. Wear a small crossbody bag with the small items when going out then this crap won’t happen! Be responsible! Good luck finding them.


….Should we should just wait around until they perhaps assault or injury someone. Would that make it a worthwhile crime to go after these thieves? Would a victim wearing a “small crossbody bag with the small items” that was robbed make you more concerned or are you going to say they should of kept it hidden under their clothes. I could imagine you at the beach…you must have a lot of junk in your trunk.


Your cognitive bias of “We live in a “just” world, in which you got what you deserve” is a very sad way to look at crime. If Person A walks down the street and they are robbed by Person B, they are a victim. It shouldn’t matter what clothes they were wearing or what neighborhood they were walking through or in this case because they decided to place their purse on a hook in a business establishment.

Christina Cavaliere

I don’t get it….why leave your personal stuff unattended? I feel bad her stuff was stolen and I hope they catch the low life’s that did this.


Not surprised by this at all. Glad to see this incident made the news because so many others do not. Be alert when you are out and about in Astoria.

yakkity yak

I hate to blame the victim but why would someone leave their wallet,keys,etc hanging on a hook at a bar where they wouldn’t be keeping an eye on it?

If I hang my jacket/coat on a hook, even if I give it to a coat check person, I make sure that there are no valuables inside.

This is a public bar, not a sorority house.


This was on NY1 and I understand your point. But this a Billiards place (in addition to many other games) where people might place a bag/purse etc someplace for whatever reason and it is wrong for someone else to come by and take it. Its like if I went to the market, placed my purse in a shopping cart and it was stolen from someone walking by while i was reaching for an item. Would you blame me? Theft is theft.


This was on the local tv news. We do not know all the facts. People have a right to place their belongings down without fear of it being stolen. I do not care if you are at the airport, bus stop, train, sidewalk, restaurant or billiards. For all we know she could of hung it up on a hook by her seat or while trying to tie her shoe. You act as if she dropped her purse somewhere and it is “finders keepers” scenario. And do not forget the hooks are there for a reason, should we also blame this business for having them and not providing adequate security? I am sure the thieves were scouting the place before it all happened and seized the moment. Perhaps, all business establishments around here should tell customers to enjoy themselves but to look out for pick pickpockets and thieves in the establishment. I know when i visit my family away from Astoria things like this do not happen. Stop blaming the victim.

yakkity yak

Nice to dream of living in a perfect world but people aren’t perfect and bad things happen to good people. If you don’t protect your stuff you are putting it at risk. The gamble usually pays off but occasionally you lose.

Hopefully NYPD is hot on the trail of the thieves.


I agree. But lets stop blaming the victim. Victim-blaming attitudes marginalize the victim/survivor and make it harder to come forward and report the abuse. Many people do not report crimes because they fear or feel shameful of this attitude from society. It is the thieves choice to act as they do.


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