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Police looking for 3 men who allegedly vandalized 13 cars in Astoria earlier this month

April 10, 2017 Staff Report

The police have released video footage of three men who allegedly vandalized 13 parked cars in Astoria earlier this month.

The men damaged 13 cars that were parked in the vicinity of Astoria Boulevard and 35th Street on Sunday, April 2, at around 4:10 am, according to police.

The police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the men.

The first suspect is white, in his 20’s, with goatee and beard, last seen wearing a dark blue “Yankees” baseball jacket, blue jeans and brown and black shoes.

The second suspect is white, in his 20’s, last seen wearing a red and black varsity style jacket, with black jeans and dark shoes.

The third suspect is white, in his 20’s, with a goatee and beard, last seen wearing a dark jacket, blue jeans and dark shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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Poparoo 46

First suspect white
Second suspect white
Third suspect white
Why didn’t they just say 3 white guys maaaaaaaaaaaaaan


They or at least one of them live on 42nd street between Broadway and 31st Ave. Few months ago I saw 3 to 4 cooking out of a building and damaging parked cars for no reason. I called 911 but by the time police responded perps were gone.


wow, can’t even park your car in public without some lowlives trying to damage property… all fun and games until you meet someone who doesn’t roll like that and hurts you. Wonder what insurance does about this…


how come when a suspect is white they say white — but if a suspect is black, etc. they never mention it — just not right –


They mention it all the time. Just read through some of the previous posts here.

They never mention when a suspect is Irish. EVER


I never said Irish was a race.

Race is self-identified anyway. If you have 1 white/Irish parent and 1 black, African parent are you black or white?

DNA testing is the only way to know for sure and most people are a mix of a least two legally defined races.


this is not astoria blvd. its broadway, right across from Atlantic Bank & outside D&D.


This surveillance video isn’t necessarily from near the crime scene. It must be the best video they have of the suspects, that’s all.


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