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Police arrest six people in Astoria for drugs and gun possession, precinct commander says

Jan. 26, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

Six people were arrested in Astoria over the weekend after police discovered several firearms and drugs at an apartment while responding to a call about an assault.

On Sunday around 1:30 a.m., several officers responded to a call following an alleged assault near 24th Avenue and 21st Street.

Capt. Peter Fortune, the commanding officer at the 114th Precinct, said that when officers arrived at the apartment they saw a man disappear into the back of the living room. Once inside the apartment, the officers noticed several firearms and narcotics in plain sight.

The man fled out of a rear window and climbed up to an apartment on a higher floor.

Police followed him to the other apartment, finding more narcotics, and arrested the man along with five other people.

Between the two apartments, police discovered three firearms and ammunition, more than four ounces of cocaine, pills and various other drug paraphernalia, Fortune said.



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Cary martin

This is all bulls hit I know those personally that are involved in this always 114 precinct u crrooked bastards


Scum, ruining this neighborhood… this is all DeBlasios. Graffiti all over, people urinating in plain view. This is a good neighborhood we need to put an end to this! This takes us back to New York in the 80’s. I love how people have come to Astoria and embraced it but old and new need to keep it safe, clean and respectable!


First of all its not pjs and this is happing all over Astoria . Astoria has gotten very bad the last 10years .

Harry Ballsagna

Crime is at all time lows you retard. There isn’t graffiti all over, nor are people urinating in plain sight. Why don’t you stop making things up and being a dumb piece of shit. You probably voted for Trump too, you dummy.

The AntiLib

Go protest around your safe space snowflake….I hope someone pisses around your home and spray paints all over it. Im glad you could tell other people what they have or have not observed and think they are the retard. Actually, wait, you’ll probably protest about this post….


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