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Police Arrest 19-Year-Old Woodside Houses Resident in Stray-Bullet Killing of Gudelia Vallinas

Gudelia Vallinas (Facebook)

April 1, 2021 By Christian Murray

A 19-year-old Woodside Houses resident has been arrested and charged with murder for the stray-bullet killing of 37-year-old mother-of-two earlier this month.

Dajuan Williams, of 50-15 Broadway, allegedly killed Gudelia Vallinas, while she walking near the corner of 48th Street and Broadway at around 8:30 p.m. on March 12.

Vallinas was out doing errands at Walgreens pharmacy at the time, near where she lived.

She was fatally shot when she got caught between Williams and another man who had an apparent altercation at the Woodside Houses NYCHA development.

The incident spilled out on the street, and Williams allegedly fired several shots down Broadway.

One bullet struck Vallinas in the head, police said.

Vallinas, who was from Mexico, was the mother to an 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter.

There have been several shootings in and around Woodside Houses in the past month.

Residents held a rally March 25 calling for justice for Gudelia Vallinas (Photo: Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

On Tuesday, March 23, Elliot Clairborn, 29, was gunned down on 49th Street and later died. A day later, a 32-year-old man was shot in the back outside the complex on 49th Street near 31st Avenue. He is expected to survive.

There have been a number of rallies in the past week calling for an end to gun violence and for justice for Vallinas.

Last week Queens Borough President Donovan Richards and other elected officials held a rally, while on Sunday residents marched to the 114th Precinct calling for justice.

Several people held signs with the words “Justice for Gudelia Vallinas” at a rally March 25 (Photo: Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

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Average Joe

People think the problem can be fixed by banning gun ownership. Here goes the “gun violence” rhetoric. Guns are not violent, people are.. Violent people find a way to inflict harm either by guns, knives, any other weapon, or simply by using their bare hands and legs. How smart one has to be to realize that the problem is the humans not the tools? Even if there is countrywide ban on gun ownership, do you think drug smugglers, human smugglers would not smuggle guns? Criminals / criminal organizations rely on guns to spread fear, to operate their illegal activities.
The solution relies on how you respond to criminal activity. Well.. Criminals are accepted as oppressed heroes nowadays.. so honest folks have to live a life as potential victims.. I am disgusted by vote-hungry-deceiving-politicians who cries for victims here, praises criminals over there, and demonize guns only. The demon is the criminal who happened to have a gun, knife, fist… By the way, I don’t support gun ownership.

Annie Oakley

A good person with a gun can take down a bad person with a gun. Law abiding gun owners have a better shot, they go to the range and practice. I wish I could carry in NYC.

Senior living

You should educate yourself on how gun control works in other 1st world nations. No one has the problems the US has. First step is to eliminate guns. Educate yourself.

Sleepy Senior

Reeducate yourself on causality. No any other 1st world nation has a crime problem like the US. Crime causes an increase in gun ownership demand. First step is figuring out what causes what. First step for you is taking your vitamins.
Criminals/violent people can find a weapon one way or the other.

Go back to Iowa

The problem is criminals with guns, especially in liberal democrat run cities. This doesn’t happen in the suburbs. If we were to eliminate guns, people will still commit murder. Look at the recent number of attacks at knife point and metal pipes. If criminals want to cause harm they will find a way to do it. Look at cave men, they used clubs and rocks.


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