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Off-Duty Cop Slashed and Robbed After Fender-Bender in Astoria

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Nov. 25, 2019 By Allie Griffin

An off-duty NYPD officer who got into a fender-bender was slashed across the face and robbed in Astoria Sunday morning by the irate driver he collided with, police said.

The officer identified in reports as Sgt. Terrence Howard of Brooklyn’s 69th Precinct collided with a red Mercedes Benz near 36th Avenue and Steinway Street around 4:10 a.m. on Nov. 24, police said.

Howard and the driver of the Mercedes then got into a verbal dispute which escalated when the other man slashed the cop across his face and robbed him, police said. EMS rushed Howard to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in stable condition.

The officer’s jewelry was stolen by the knife-wielding attacker, according to reports.

The attacker fled the scene in his car and is still on the loose, police said.

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This is the key line “a verbal dispute which escalated “.

The slashing was illegal but I see so many people escalate situations instead of maybe going back to your car, calling the police and saying, “I need assistance. I’ve been in an accident and do not want to engage with this person.”.

If you do not feel safe staying, you get the license plate, call the police and call your insurance. That will cover all your bases and you will not be “leaving the scene.”

young man!

They had 36 Avenue completely blocked off for a few blocks by police cars from Steinway up to 37 Street for at least 8-10 hours snarling traffic. Do you think they would have investigated at all if it was not an off duty cop?


Brooklyn cop in Astoria at 4 AM… i’m not sure he was completely innocent… Was an alcohol test administered? Judging from my experience with cops lately, they are very arrogant and think that they are above the law. I’m not so sure that I disagree with the driver of the Mercedes… I’d love some more information Before rushing to a judgment

James McDonald

Simple he was off duty and was probably at a bar or lounge like everyone else and then became the victim of a crime.. no conspiracy here


Off-duty cops are allowed to be in Astoria at 4 AM. That being said, no one deserves to be slashed in the face.

Angie Ang

He could have just worked in Brooklyn and lived in Astoria or Queens in general. Ppl always gotta make up the worst scenarios. Get over it.


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