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NYPD: Woman Intrigued By Man’s Nazi Paraphernalia Breaks Into His Astoria House on Multiple Occasions

32-77 46th Street Google

Nov. 29, 2017 By Tara Law

Police arrested a woman last month who allegedly burglarized an Astoria home containing Nazi paraphernalia on multiple occasions.

Edith Caoilfhionn, 23, broke into 32-77 46th Street on three separate occasions in October through a shattered rear window, police said.

The house, filled with World War II memorabilia—including flags and medals–had been vacant for two months as resident Herman Von Gehm, 97, had been in hospital. The house included a photo of a young Von Gehm wearing a Nazi uniform.

The first break in allegedly took place on Oct. 2, police said, although police said that there was not enough evidence to charge Caoilfhionn. The house’s legal custodian, Maximilian Dileo, claimed that $20,000 in World War II memorabilia was stolen on that occasion.

Caoilfhionn allegedly broke into the home again on Oct. 16 at around 7 a.m.

Two officers from the 114th Precinct responded to a 911 call and noticed a broken window at the back of the house.

The officers searched the house and discovered Caoilfhionn hiding in a bathtub on the third floor. She had a black bag that contained Von Gehm’s telescope as well as four iPads, a laptop and a cellphone.

Caoilfhionn told the officers that she entered the house with friends regularly because she was intrigued by the “Nazi stuff,” according to the criminal complaint.

“I went into the house because it was interesting,” said Caoilfhionn. “I went into it to see the items inside. There were some strange things in there.”

Caoilfhionn, who had two outstanding warrants for burglaries in Manhattan, was arrested and charged with burglary, among other charges.

She was released at the time on her own recognizance.

A little over a week later, Dileo, the custodian, visited the house on Oct. 23 around 2:20 p.m. and encountered Caoilfhionn inside.

Caoilfhionn allegedly waved a knife at Dileo and hit him. She allegedly pushed him into a glass door, causing Dileo to injure his elbow.

Caoilfhionn was again arrested, and a judge set bail at $75,000 bond/$50,000 cash. She has been charged with burglary, menacing with a weapon, third degree assault, and criminal mischief. She is due back in court Dec. 11.

The police have since boarded up the house’s rear window to prevent others from entering the property.

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I know this man he is kind hearted . He is proud of his German ancestory. He was a hard working man , he was an electrician , taught me everything I know on how to wire a building.

Astoria Resident

This article vaguely alludes to an ill 97 year old man having a nazi connection, sympathy, or at least racist inclinations while also publishing his exact address.

What exactly are you reporting? A burglary or a Nazi is in the neighborhood? The latter is not clear and left to the imagination. When matched with precise personal data, I find that irresponsible. This article is not clear on why we need to know this information.

Someone in the comments has already called him a Nazi here in the comments. That is one of the worst things you can be. Do we know if it’s true? We know his address. We know he was robbed.

tough call

That’s a great point–it’s hard to guess the political leanings of a 97 year-old German named Herman Von Gehm wearing a Nazi uniform whose house is a museum of Nazi paraphernalia.

Punch nazis in the face

Yes nobody should be burglarized and the person is guilty of a crime but the nazi is also guilty and should expect to be bullied. Was the memorabilia awarded or collected to the victim? Was he a high ranking nazi or just somebody who really loved being puppet eager to kill?. Did he memoralialize his golden years?,much like the quarterback who lives in his high school varsity year. Did the nazi have this money from robbing and pillaging Jewish homes or did he come here as an immigrant and sees himself as a American and intolerable of other later generation immigrants.


While the visibility of transgender people is increasing in Astoria’s culture and daily life, we still face severe discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. Transgender status, like any other minority status, is only relevant to a crime story if it played a role in the crime itself.


.. your kidding right? Look he may have served as a soldier and sure he served an evil master but plenty of people get swept up in evil ideas (say for example Nazi or communism (fun fact: communism has killed more than any other political dogma, approx 100 million) and still manage to not commit any moral wrongs.

The burglar didn’t just steal his German stuff, they stole iPhones and his laptops. They clearly just wanted an excuse to rob him. Infact the so called Nazi memorabilia (who knows what it really is. I don’t trust this website to be truthful) is totally irrelevant.

A crime is a crime regardless of who the victim is


Arrested, charged with burglary, two outstanding warrants for burglaries in Manhattan and she gets released on her own recognizance? Ok. No wonder crime stats say crime is down. Why bother reporting it, even caught in the act they let them go. Don’t show up for court, let them go again.


Insanity that they released this person. The man who was assaulted should be able to sue the DA that agreed to release with no bail.

Officer Quimby

Your comment could not be further from the truth. The burglar was arrested and charged with burglary, which WILL increase the crime stats. If they don’t show up for court, a warrant will be issued, they will not “let them go again.” Maybe you shouldn’t rant so much about things you know so little about.


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