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NYPD: Man steals clothes from Steinway Street store at knifepoint

New York & Company on Steinway Street.

Aug. 3, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A man walked into a shop on Steinway Street and stole clothing at knifepoint, according to police.

The suspect allegedly walked into New York & Company on 30-37 Steinway Street at 5:25 p.m. on July 31, and began to take clothing from the shelves. The man then pulled out a knife and threatened an employee who tried to stop him as he was exiting, and walked out of the store with the clothing without paying.

No injuries were sustained, according to police.

The NYPD has released a surveillance video and photograph, and are seeking to identify the man for questioning.

The robber is described as black, between 30 to 40 years old, and last seen wearing a white polo shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.


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California bound

Why do people get weak in the knees when a description of a law breaker contains the race of the crook ? When “white” is used, no one gets bent out of shape…..say “black” and it becomes racial warfare. I was robbed twice over the years…….I was asked the race of the perp… the detectives…… time, God forbid….I’ll make sure to tell them I can’t tell them, it’s prejudicial…..but I’ll just say he/she has eyes, hair, skin……..I didn’t notice the color. Fools !!!!! Take the chip off your shoulder.


I’m hoping it was an attempt at irony ( failed, non the less). Let’s give the poor commenter the benefit of the doubt.

Peter North

Why do they have to mention his race!!! That’s so racist!! This must be an isolated incident in Astoria. Deblasio says crime is at an all time low. Besides this, the shooting on stienway last year, the robbery on 30 th avenue, the shooting in front of the strip club aces on 36th avenuei agree,Astoria is safer!! If the do catch him last thing he needs is jail time. He should be given mandatory counseling and the opportunity to either clean up his drug habit if he has one, or access to a job program.

Ronald Jeremy

I know you’re trying to get the locals all riled up but you’re laying it on a little thick. Subtlety is the essence of good trolling.

P.S. I’m a big fan of your film career.


Why mention gender or age either? Perhaps that could be interpreted as sexist or ageist. Because, duh, he has to be identified, Sheesh!


Maybe the man was influenced by that old store sign above NY and Company on the side of the building. They should take it down.


We need more police presence in Astoria. With all these news stories and conversational incidents I heard from residents and neighbors about crime/robberies that have not been reported by the media but taking place something needs to be done. Two incidents have already involved people getting hurt in July that actually made the news and they happened in the daylight hours on very busy areas.


Is it unreasonable to think that a lot of stores on Steinway have security cameras outside? Is it also unreasonable to try to find footage from something that doesn’t look like it was shot on a camera made in the 80s?


In many stores and homes security surveillance signs are posted but that does not deter some criminals. The crime above sounds like a shoplifting incident with a weapon. “Is it also unreasonable to try to find footage…” on that I do not know how much of investigation would take place trying to track down a crime like this one for better footage of the suspect. I heard of people being robbed (but not hurt) and unfortunately very little is done about it but paperwork.

J O'Neill

There is no such thing as shoplifting with a weapon. Once a weapon is used the crime becomes armed robbery, unless ya know CompStat. Then it just becomes discon. Crime is down I swear.


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