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NYPD: Man snatches gold chain from 4-year-old girl’s neck in Astoria



Aug. 14, 2016 Staff Report

The police are looking for a man who allegedly snatched a gold chain from around the neck of a 4-year-old girl and took off with it on Friday.

The suspect has been identified as Pablo Escobar, 22, who allegedly ripped the chain from the 4-year-old”s neck in front of the Won Won Laundromat, located at at 30-08 36 Avenue, at 6:15 pm on Friday.

Escobar is described as being Hispanic, 5’6″ tall, 160 pounds, with a light complexion, thin build, long brown hair and brown eyes. He is known to frequent the areas of Ravenswood, Queensbridge, and Dutch Kills Park at 36 Avenue and Crescent Street

A surveillance video of Friday’s robbery and a mug shot of Pablo Escobar from his most recent arrest on Friday, July 22, 2016, are attached.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS

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Are people really fighting over race right now?! This is about a 4 year old being robbed by a lowlife who has nothing better to do with his pathetic life. SMH this has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin or even what race they are. How about everyone just help the police find this piece of crap before he does this or worse to another person, even worse, another child


Dude you need to get a job stop living off the government and get off the internet and read a book to educate yourself because you seriously are a dumbass..

Curtis West

The European trash market stoled 2 million dollers from the poor tax payers and there pictures are not in the paper like the people of color. I witness only the people of.color pictures get put in for ‘allegledly’ not convincetd of crimes. These (shhh white!) criminals pictures are kept quiet. Why because there white!!!! Sure. They confess already and are begging for money to pay off there stolen money back to NYC. They don’t deny nothing. No pictures. explain why. Yes we need that money for the new Muslim brothers and African dispora of astoria from queensbridge up to astoria which is rightfuly ours. Section 8 is part of the historic repeatreation of our dominant living. We are reclaiming that which was stolen from us. New section 8 houseing is being owed to the opresse dispora we have our extending presance at astoria park area . Queensbridge and astoria projects have been declined and run down by not reinvesting in basic up keep and are over crowded. we need more propertys for the dispora and to achieve it thru section 8.


Sorry, Curtis West is a hoax!!! What ever it really doesn’t matter. The post is written by an illiterate. Quit wasting people’s time and get an education you under educated imbecile.

Nicky Kay

Curtis, Get that chip, no scratch that, FORREST off your shoulders! The camera is not lying!


-Curtis why don’t you come out vocally for the victims of creeps like Escobar? I’m sure the four year old was a person of color too. People of color kill other people of cook at exponentially greater numbers then police and white civilians combined, kill people of color. Your cowardly silence on the “people of color killing other people of color” is shameful. Are you afraid of retaliation? You’re a punk!!!

ron smith

give it a rest Curtis, quit blaming the White man and cops for all your troubles. Look in the mirror and tell yourself at what point in your life did you screw up and because of your own failures you started to blame cops and the white man. Look in the mirror and see the real you. And from your post it’s obvious you are not a good person. A lot of steamed up hate for white people and cops. You will never go anywhere with that mind set.

Curtis West

‘Allegledly’ folks. This mans picture is put out to get a mob mentality??? He is according to framing cops look ok to blame as always a person of color when the cops even say it is only ‘allegledly’ a crime. There is no proof or conviction yet again persons of color are the boogie man. Smh.. is it okay for cops to shooting him unarmed or be chased down by a gang whites? This is snuff now.

G. Algerie

Call it as it is. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of the white racist accusations! A lowlife is a lowlife no matter what nationality. Another case of dont believe what your eyes see. I guess he stopprd to offer her some good advice then offered to put her chain in a safe deposit box for sale keeping. GIVE ME A BREAK


This scumbag used to hang out in front of 35-44 28th street. Haven’t seen him lately. Suck that he’s back.


How many arrests do we need before we throw away the key on this low life? LOCK HIM UP!


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