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NYPD: Man breaks into Astoria apartment and gets nothing after discovering tenant was home

Suspect (NYPD)

June 28, 2017 Staff Report

The police released a photo yesterday of a man who allegedly broke into an apartment in Astoria last month and came face-to-face with the tenant.

The suspect allegedly entered a building on 21st Street on Wednesday, May 24, at around 1:10 pm and then proceeded to break into one of the apartments. Upon entering the apartment, the suspect discovered that the tenant, a 33-year-old man, was home at the time. The alleged perpetrator then fled with nothing.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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“As safe & family oriented as Astoria( still) is…” Yea right! Take a look at the trend for the past couple of years. Single adults who move out when they want to settle down or are tired of the crowds, bar scenes, restaurants, pollution, noise and traffic in Astoria. With the exception of the middle eastern and north African families (which continue to grow) , the only families we see around here are the few new families who cant afford LIC and they end up leaving Astoria and buying in the suburbs or those that have been here for over 20 yrs. Gone are the days when parents can let their children/teens out in the front of the house without fearing they will get in trouble in Astoria. Quality of life isses are all on the rise. With Con Ed still around I can imagine what the air quality will be like once LGA is expanded and the city goes through with making Rikers into a runway for planes. Not a good environment for children. If you want to raise a family and stay in Queens the closer you are to Nassau county the better (northside).


I noticed I had throat problems when I moved to the Astoria neighborhood. I teach (in Astoria also), but for it to happen once a month? Not normal. My throat burns a lot and I have this nagging cough that doesn’t go away (I don’t smoke either). I’m glad I will back to Long Island where the air is cleaner now that I am done with my lease. If people take the time to research it they will find out that three of the top 4 polluters in NYC are in Astoria.


No, this is not true. You are paranoid.

>> Gone are the days when parents can let their children/teens out in the front >> of the house without fearing they will get in trouble in Astoria.


“Gone are the days when parents can let their children/teens out in the front of the house without fearing they will get in trouble in Astoria.”
I was raised in Astoria during the mid-70s to early 80s and it was common practice by most of the parents on my block to let their kids out without any supervision and all of us got into some sort of trouble. Some of it minor, some of it pretty major. When I look at the children today, I think they’re for the most part pretty well-behaved. Most of the kids today actually prefer to stay indoors and never venture out, choosing video games and being on the smart phones. The biggest concern parents have today have to do with kids’ online activity, not outdoor activities.


As safe & family oriented as Astoria( still) is, basic precautions are always a good idea. Many years ago, a strapping young person with a day off during the week, had forgotten to lock the front door of the apt. At one point, the door opened & an unknown person walked in. Both people were stunned,& the “visitor” quickly blurted some gibberish about being in the wrong apt& dashed out! Who knows if the outcome would have been the same if the intruder had happened upon an elderly or frail person,etc.?


I am constantly amazed that people will buzz anyone into a building. Probably people think its all harmless or helpful, and just let anyone in without confirmation. I often wonder about those energy company reps and whether they are legit or just scoping out apartments.


I make sure i close the door behind me all the time. I never buzz anyone in for others and i do not let unsolicited people from companies get buzzed in either. If they do get in b/c of someone else and they knock on my door I call con ed when the energy company people come cos usually con ed knows what energy companies are around that will compete with them.


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