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NYPD: Gunshots fired outside Astoria deli where anti-Muslim attack took place in December


Oct. 22, 2016 Staff Report

The police are searching for the occupants of a black-colored Chrysler who fired several guns at individuals outside a deli in Astoria recently.

The incident took place outside Fatima Food Mart, located at 21-37 21st Avenue, on Thursday, October 13, at around 7 pm when numerous shots were fired, according to police. There were no injuries.

The police are categorizing the incident as “reckless endangerment.”

The deli was in the news in December when the owner was attacked in his store and the attacker allegedly said: “I kill Muslims.” The perpetrator was apprehended by police at the time.

Anyone with information in regards to the recent incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS

Vehicle (source: NYPD)

Vehicle (source: NYPD)

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Jay a Native Astorian

Please it is not anti-Muslim anything. That store is always doing shady stuff and there is always criminal activity going in and around that store. The owner probably got beat up by a drunk/high crack head who he gave credit to. He always gives people credit for stuff in there. Nothing good in that corner so I am not surprised about a shooting. It is just like the old Sam’s Place on the corner of 24th street. I’m sure you new Yupsters have no idea about that. It was messed up then and still is now. NOT anti-muslim.


I doubt this had anything to do with the prior incident. I was shocked that it took place at 7 in the evening when so many people including young children are walking around! I suggest the police take a look at who hangs out on the corner and for what reasons. I seen some sleazy looking people in that area.


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