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NYC launches campaign to market Astoria as tourist destination

Nov. 5, 2014 By Christian Murray

NYC & Company, the city’s official marketing arm, announced yesterday at an international travel show that it is putting the spotlight on Astoria this month.

NYC & Co. has put together a video featuring many of its attributes – from its history in the movie making business to the many restaurants that pepper the neighborhood.

“From the remarkable Greek and international cuisine to the fascinating cultural and arts scene, we are pleased to be promoting all there is to see and do in Astoria,” said Fred Dixon, the CEO of NYC & Company, in a statement. “We invite visitors from around the world and across the United States to discover or rediscover Astoria.”

The campaign focuses on the Kaufman Arts District as well as Astoria’s parks and beer gardens. It’s a “neighborhood full of praiseworthy cultural institutions and a food destination popular for everything from Greek to Italian to Brazilian cuisine,” said Marty Markowitz, vice president of borough promotion and engagement at NYC & Company, in a statement.

“There is something for everyone in this bustling Queens neighborhood, and we encourage New Yorkers and visitors to spend a day in Astoria,” Markowitz said.

NYC & Company is promoting a number of specific attractions, including:

      • The Museum of the Moving Image
      • Kaufman Astoria Studios
      • Socrates Sculpture Park
      • The Noguchi Museum
      • Astoria Park
      • Greek restaurants and culture
      • Astoria’s international restaurant
      • Microbreweries and beer gardens
Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, dates back to 1910

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden dates back to 1910

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It’s sad but it’s turning into another Park Slope. Time to move to cheaper destinations. It’s not the end of the world. There’s life after Astoria. A whole world is out there to explore!


I love astoria. I love our peacful european atmosphere. please keep the hipsters and tourists out. dear lord.

Anonymous visitor

Stavros the hotdog vendor has really enriched the neighborhood. Hooray for Stavros….Keep up the work good.


I think the video is quite nice and positive. It gives nods to local eats and diversity which is what Astoria is about. Obviously the area is going to get more expensive. Don’t blame that on hipsters or campaigns that shine positive light on the area. The whole city is getting more expensive and as it does so will Astoria.

Anonymous visitor

You’re a jackass! Maybe you were the beginning of the end…idiot. If for nothing else Greeks enriched the neighborhood and made Astoria what it was and are also not looking forward for the changes that have happened. Think before you speak….ignorant comment.


Astoria has a small town vibe in a big city. Born and raised here, I know my bodega and deli clerks, the laundry ladies, my neighbors and everyone looks out for one another. This will rip what’s left of it to shreds.

third generation astorian

the crowds that are appearing just about EVERYWHERE are enough… are we really asking for more? astoria used to be so rich in culture.. now it just seems to be about revenue. let’s preserve what real astorians are left and keep the tourists in manhattan.

Joseph Mauriello

Relatives in Astoria…been visiting since the 60’s…As a licensed NYC Tour Guide been doing my tour since the late 90’s…”Its NOT all Greek To Me”!

Like to think of it as one of the last vestiges of a real Pan European community in the US…unfortunately the bland hipster non-culture has taken hold and the Astoria of my childhood is about to evaporate before our very eyes. Overpriced, nonsensical, “artisinal” shops opened by transplants are rapidly replacing the real deal, reasonably priced immigrant shops and restaurants.
Mr. Steinway and all the ya yas and nonnas are spinning in their graves. Time for everyone to buy fedoras and succumb.

Dario Lazarevic

do us all the favor and don’t make Astoria anymore populated we don’t want tourists here keep them in Manhattan thank you very much !


Rent going to get even higher sooner than later. Lower income families start looking for a home in Jersey. It’s a nice idea, promoting a thriving area but things are only going to get more expensive

Thanks for the attention but no thanks.


Are you really suggesting not promoting Astoria because you don’t want your rent to go up? How very selfish of you, not to mention ignorant. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts you are a liberal.


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