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Northwest Queens: Safe and Getting Safer, by Bill de Blasio

March 2, 2017 Opinion: By Mayor Bill de Blasio (exclusive to Astoria Post)

If you’re reading this news site then you know the neighborhoods served by the 114th Precinct – Astoria, Long Island City, Jackson Heights and Woodside – are safe. Now, they are even safer. Crime is down 12.1 percent the first 26 days of February compared to the same stretch last year.

And there have been zero murders and zero shootings so far this year.

The extraordinary results we are seeing in northwest Queens are being replicated across the city. Overall crime is down 9.7 percent and shootings are down 35.5 percent citywide this February, compared to February of last year.

This didn’t happen by accident. We have a strategy that combines precision policing to target the small number of bad actors who commit most of the violence, with neighborhood policing to bring communities and cops together.

The 114th Precinct is a great example of our neighborhood policing strategy in action. We’ve freed up officers to walk the same streets every day, getting to know everyone and passing out cards and phone numbers. So, if you see your local officer, say hello and share information with them. You just might prevent a crime before it happens.

But neighborhood policing is just part of the story. We are making our city safer every month, because we are giving the NYPD tools like smartphones, bullet resistant helmets and vests and the best training in the world. This is the second month we are feeling the full effects of the 2,000 cops we’ve added.

I was thrilled to be at the 114th Precinct on Wednesday to thank the precinct commander, Peter Fortune, and all the men and women of the NYPD who serve with him. But this isn’t just their victory. This is a tribute to everyone who lives and works in northwest Queens.

Thank you all for helping to keep New York, the safest big city in the United States.

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The wall

Is he crazy? Woodside is worse than ever and im here 60 yrs. Put a few more homeless shelters stupid, totally destroy the area once and for all


He’s doing the same thing to Astoria and this article is to cover his ass. I feel sorry for the 114th as their job has become incredibly difficult since this loser’s reign. He wants votes since this is election year for him so he’s putting out his propaganda and lies to cover his ignorant and corrupt ass. DiBlasio go to h_ll.

Sue Me

Now only if he could help the poor innocent children that are dying , oh wait isn’t that the job of the ACS????


actually this article is wrong 108 Pct. is long island city and woodside and sunnyside and jackson heights is 115 Pct. — and thank you NYPD –


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