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Nighttime Crime In Playgrounds Prompts Bill To Have Gates Locked By Parks Department

Maria Fitzsimons, Flickr

Maria Fitzsimons, Flickr

April 4, 2016 By Michael Florio

Complaints of beer bottles, condoms and even a crack pipe being found in a local playground has prompted calls for new legislation.

Council Member Costa Constantinides plans to introduce a bill that would require the Parks Department to lock all gated children’s playgrounds at night.

The proposed bill stems from his frustrations over Sean’s Place, a playground located on 38th Street between 31st Avenue and Broadway, where adults have been conducting illegal and inappropriate activities during the night for years, Constantinides said.

“It’s been an ongoing battle for the past six years and it’s getting progressively worse,” local mother Jenn Schulte agreed.

Schulte is a mother of two who has been taking her kids to Sean’s Place since her oldest was born six years ago.

She said she has found broken glass from beer and liquor bottles, used condoms and human feces at the playground. At times there are little baggies used for holding drugs, syringes and in one incident, a crack pipe that a little girl picked up about two weeks ago, according to Schulte. She added that park benches are sometimes still occupied by people who had slept there overnight.

“The gates aren’t locked at night and it allows anyone to come into the playground overnight,” she said.

Constantinides said parents have a right to take their children to these playgrounds in the morning and should not have to worry about the remnants of the illegal activity.

He believes that locking the playgrounds is the only viable solution, adding that no matter how early the Parks Department might arrive to clean them up, it will “never be early enough.”

“All children’s playgrounds that have a gate should be locked every night at 9 o’clock,” he said.

Currently, if residents call for a playground to be locked every night, the Parks Department will ask a community member to take on the responsibility. Constantinides called this “not a feasible solution.”

He charged that the Parks Department’s Park Enforcement Officers should be given the responsibility of locking playgrounds at night, especially now that the City has funded more than 60 new officers for the agency.

“They are the ones equipped to deal with any issues,” the Councilman said. “They should be the ones locking the gates.”

His bill would pertain solely to children’s playgrounds, not all parks. At this point he is only focusing on the playgrounds that currently have gates.

He acknowledged that his legislation would not keep everyone out of these playgrounds, but said it would make access more difficult.

“It takes a lot more effort to scale a fence, rather than just walking through the front door,” he said. “It is also much more noticeable [to police officers].”

Though Constantinides is in the early stages of drafting this bill, he said he hopes to introduce it in the near future.

“We are hoping to introduce it soon,” he said. “This is a conversation that we must have with Parks Department.”

Schulte said that, if passed, this bill would make a world of difference for parents in the area.

“That would be amazing,” she said. “I think it would fix 98 percent of the problems and we will gladly take that.”

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Whitestone playground is a constant problem of vandalism fireworks fighting disorderly groups and noise complaints. It needs to be locked every night and this will solve a lot of problems

Concern Elmhurst resident about CC Moore Homestead Playground

The homeless are sleeping on the park benches at night. The drug dealers are busy working at night as the playground is used as the meeting site with their customers. Trash is being dumped at the playground at night. Illegal outdoor activities are occurring with prostitutes and their customers. Locking the playground’s gates is a start to making the playground safer and cleaner. Residents should not be the ones responsible to maintain the playground when local government has agencies that gets paid by these residents who pay their salaries to do their jobs.

Guy 47

In an ideal world there would be a sign (and probably is a sign) that says the park is closed from 9PM to 8AM and the NYPD would roll by a couple of times a night to ticket/arrest people who are hanging around doing heroin.

Guaranteed that the problems would go away within a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately all the cops live in Suffolk county and don’t understand or care about urban neighborhoods or their residents.


At one time the gates were locked at night, I remember seeing them locked. It is a great idea and should be locked.

Astoria Guy

I live across the street from this park. I’ll lock it up at night. Sick of being harassed as I’m walking by at night.

Astoria Resident

They probably don’t know how to climb a fence so this should work perfectly….


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