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New apartments at former C-Town site will available to renters this fall

May 23, 2017 By Jason Cohen

A new 5-story apartment building with a rooftop lounge and party room will open above the former C-Town supermarket this fall in Astoria.

The building, called “Astor Broadway,” is located on the corner of Broadway and 29th Street.

The complex will consist of 64 studio-one-and-two bedroom apartments, a laundry room, a furnished courtyard, a fitness center, recreation areas, terraces on the top three floors and 32 underground parking spaces, according to Citi Habitats, the leasing agent for the building

“It’s not a generic building that you see throughout New York City,” said Dave Maundrell, who works at Citi Habitats and is in charge of leasing the building. “The sense of style and the cool hip place invites people to come home.”

Maundrell said construction is expected to wrap up by the end of summer. People will be able to start applying for the apartments in July or August, Maundrell added, although he noted that rental prices have yet to be set.

A Food Emporium will replace the former C-Town on the first floor, which closed in 2015. The new store will be run by the same family that operated the C-Town. There are also two other retail spaces available on the first floor, which Citi Habitat looking to find retail tenants.


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This is part of trend that I can’t stand in Astoria:

1) New buildings are strictly apartments; no condo’s or co-ops. Therefore, no opportunity to invest in new property
2) New buildings only put in one or two bedrooms. Three bedroom is no longer an option.

Personally, I believe that developers are going this route based on feedback from realtors. Smaller apartments have higher turnover than larger co-ops or condos. Therefore, there is more potential for realtor to charge finders fees to renters.

But this means people live in an area for much less time as time and forces them to move out sooner than they would like to. People can’t settle in the neighborhood as long and establish roots in the community because they don’t have an investment in the community (through their home) and they would have to leave if the space becomes too small for a growing family. And at two bedrooms, that’s almost a guarantee.

When people live and establish roots in a community, the community prospers. People care more about issues in a community (like schools, crime, construction, etc.) because they have a vested stake in the community. By making Astoria basically a transient stop, things in the neighborhood won’t improve for longtime residents because there WON’T BE any long time residents anymore. This is not good for the community. We need more options for larger spaces that are available for ownership. A fly-by-night community isn’t good for anyone (well, except for the realtors who stand to make money with each new tenant that comes and goes).


Frankly I wouldn’t want to live above a supermarket = rats!!! Hopefully they planned for that in advance and made the apartments as rodent-proof as possible.

How are they going to fit the supermarket AND two more stores in that space? I was hoping the supermarket would be larger than the C-Town but sounds like it won’t be and the aisles will be just as cramped and the selection just as limited. I hope the Food Emporium has nice to-go options as the one on 3rd and 68th in Manhattan. If they price themselves out it won’t last long.

I remember shopping at C-Town in the 1980s…place never changed that much…so nice to see some progress but I hope Astoria doesn’t become the next Williamsburg.

Poparoo 46

I don’t want to live in a building that has, let’s call it what it really is, A BAR, on my roof. Noise, drunks, forget it maaaaaaaaaaaaan


Nah i’ll pass. Give me some seaside real estate like Malibu. Love the view of the ocean 🙂

Chris L.

Only the electoral likes count, not the popular. Btw, I love it, I’ll move in as soon as it’s open


I always use words like cool and hip to relate to those young whipper snappers!

Also, the family who owns the market can now charge more b/c the name changed from c-town to food emporium…yay Astoria!!!


How can someones comment (look above) have close to 3,000 likes on this board/thread? Seems someone has a lot of time on their hands and a pathological need to be liked. Have fun playing with your app.


Someone programmed a bot that fakes IP addresses.
Fairly simple really and kind of funny in my opinion. Kudos to the prankster!


The prices:

1 bedroom: 2200
2 bedroom: 2800

Priced to the market and a bit more due to location. This is perhaps the best condo location in Astoria.

I had thought it was for sale and was interested but I’m assuming they still expect real estate in Astoria to increase.

Good luck to those interested. Prices in Astoria is brutal.

Astoria Local

What is your source on those prices? They seem low. Neighboring new construction is asking $2,900+ for 1br. 2 bed 2 baths could be $3,600+.

I think the closest comparison would be “The Academy” which was just recently finished, is situated 1 avenue away on the same street and has similar size and amenities. “Astoria Central” located at 31st and Broadway is even more expensive despite facing directly at the train tracks.


Those are price estimates for new condos that are 600 sq ft. $2900 is brutal but I would imagine you’re looking at a much higher sq ftg. I thought 2200 was expensive enough. I just purchased a new condo right behind Crescent. 650 sq ft, renting for $2300. I’m guessing the C-Town ones may hit anywhere from $2200-$2500 at this point. Man, wish I bought two houses a decade ago hah.


Brutal is an understatement! No thanks to all these buildings going up for the rich it has made Astoria so congested. Something has to give with these high rents and for the most part, roommates will be renting those apartments.


hahahahahahaha…’ll be ready by fall for move-in?! That’s a great joke! Have you seen what phase of construction they’re in? Plus the fact they don’t know what the hell they are doing. Oh and did you take into account all the stop work orders they’ve had and probably will get? Give it another two years until it’s complete!

Washington Ferrara-Lopes

To who it may concern,
I would like to receive information about price range for 1 and 2 bedrooms apt. Thank you


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