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N/W Train Service ‘Severely Disrupted’ After Signal Problems This Morning

N/W 30 Ave station this morning as commuters faced “severely disrupted” service along the line. (Photo obtained via Twitter with permission)

Jan. 29, 2019 By Nathaly Pesantez

N and W straphangers were impacted this morning by what the Metropolitan Transportation Authority described as “severely disrupted” service along the lines due to a signal problem in Long Island City.

Problems along the line began in the midst of the morning rush hour, with New York City Transit announcing at around 7:40 a.m. today that service is disrupted between 57 St – 7 Av and Ditmars Blvd in both directions.

The culprit, the agency said, was a signal problem between Queensboro Plaza and 39 Av.

No trains ran in either direction for about an hour, with limited N and W service resuming between the two points just before 8:40 a.m. after workers addressed the problem. Trains, however, were operating every 12 to 15 minutes.

NYCT at first dispatched six shuttle buses to run between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza and a result, with more buses mobilized at around 9:14 a.m.

The agency noted at around the same time that N/W trains are running more frequently as service returns to normal.

Apart from the shuttle buses, NYCT suggests riders use the Q69, Q100 or Q101 buses.

Some riders along the line in Astoria noted on social media that their wait times have been upwards of 30 minutes.

“Guys really need answers here,” said one Twitter user. “Been waiting at 36av for 35mins. One train has come but was full to the brim with straphangers.”

One person noted that the service problems come after the Broadway and 39 Ave station recently opened back up after nearly seven months of work.

“This is the first day in over a year all Astoria train stations are open and MTA can’t even handle it,” the Twitter user said.

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Athena Emmanouilidis

It’s the MTA execs who would rather pay themselves raises than fixing the issues


Would love to know “what signal problem” actual caused this backup? More money being spilled in the wrong places, MTA.


At noon there were still significant delays, so I’m not sure why they are say there were “more frequent” trains. Even at noon, there was quite a wait on a crowded platform.

Sara Ross

Every night and weekend trains don’t run because of signal, switch or track work. Yet every Monday and everyday after, there is a signal, switch or track problem. Someone has to make sure the work is actually being done.


It’s interesting that Amazon is now sending propaganda to local mailboxes every week or so. It’s not going to not make it a bad deal. Transit problems are only going to get worse with development and as the population expands.


The signal to Manhattan is over a 100 years old. Do we need a petition to get them to stop putting bandaids on something that is dead??!! I will sign it.


Thank god for the ferry! I will happily walk from East 35/FDR to midtown than deal with this garbage.


Signal problems. Delays. It’s nothing new. I’m not even upset about the delay. But I am upset that there’s never any useful information while it’s happening. Just tell me that nothing’s going to move for at least 30 minutes and I’ll make alternative arrangements. Don’t dangle the chance that things will start moving again imminently. This causes people to wait endlessly wasting their time. Give people the chance to take an Uber or walk to another station or take the bus.


Totally agree with you. However, we can make a decision to stay or go, based on the MTA’s previous behavior. I would have gone downstairs and took the bus. If too crowded, a walk to Queensboro Plaza & if possible, get on the #7.


How about going belly up on the AMAZON deal we’ll get OUR wall You get a train HOME!
We The People (Legal Citizens who bleed for OUR country)( your paper cut doesn’t count dreamer go dream of messing your own country we didn’t invite you, you over stated your welcome! )PEACE OUT BRO??

We The People

Amazon refund our tax $$$$$$$$$$!!!! WE get OUR WALL, YOU the Dreamers, The Destroyers of the American Dream get a Working Transportation System HOME!!!
We The People
(Son, Daughters, Grandchildren, Widows, and wives of Veterans who gave their Lives, their Blood, Sweat and Tears to carve this nation! And no your “paper cut” doesn’t count! If you don’t like Our Home go home and fix yours! We never invited you, we offered you an olive branch you brought your HATE, crimes and socialism to our democracy! You want communism go to a Communist Country. Oh yeah you escape from their and now you want to turn the US into what you ran away from…. Makes total sense, like really! Deep thoughts there dudes!

Trump got a phony diagnosis from a doctor that lived in a building owned by his father

“Veterans” here doesn’t include the draft-dodging president of course


4 steps needed to fix the trains
– Increase transparency
– Fire all the corrupt MTA executives and union workers that waste our tax dollars
– Secure a steady stream of funding for repairs & expansion
– Tell Cuomo to shut up and lead instead of passing blame to others


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