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N train service in Astoria to be shut down for 8 weekends this summer

May 10, 2017 Staff Report

The N train will not be running in Astoria for eight weekends this summer so the MTA can replace switches and do track work.

The MTA said the N line will not be making stops between Queensboro Plaza and Astoria-Ditmars Blvd from 12:01 am Saturdays to 5 am Mondays in both direction directions. On holiday weekends, the train will be down until 5 am Tuesdays.

The MTA said the work will increase efficiency and reduce noise along the line, including by PS 85 where parents and teachers have often complained that the noise has been disrupting lessons.

The MTA says the work is being conducted during a period of light ridership in order to minimize the impact to riders.

The shutdowns are scheduled to take place the weekends of May 20-22, Memorial Day Weekend of May 27-30, June 3-5, August 12-14, August 19-21, August 26-28, Labor Day Weekend of Sept. 2-5 and Sept. 9-11, according to the MTA.

During the outage, the MTA will be providing shuttle buses along the route. The W train, which also services Astoria along the same line, does not run on weekends.

Councilman Costa Constantinides lauded the MTA for doing the work.

“For the entire school community at PS 85, this is a sigh of relief. Elementary school children should not have to bear the burden of repeated interruptions while engaging in the learning process.”

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Michael W.

I get why everyone hates this. I did initially, too. But the other day I walked by one of the public schools that complained while an N train motored by. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know how I’d have learned a thing if that was making it’s way by my school every 5 minutes. It really is insufferably loud.

I hate it, but I get it.



Pure Garbage

It took the MTA over 4 months to replace staircases at some of these stations. There is no chance of them doing much over the course of 8 weekends. Many of these stations are closed in the afternoon as trains run express. What is being done then? What about Fasttrack?They need to shutdown the line for a year and maybe things will improve. This is yet another smoke and mirrors campaign by the MTA. Previously shuttle buses weren’t too bad but the end result will be hassles for ridership with little improvements seen…


Work on the “N” is needed yes, BUT for the quote:

“For the entire school community at PS 85, this is a sigh of relief. Elementary school children should not have to bear the burden of repeated interruptions while engaging in the learning process.” Lmao! What a joke. Why Councilman…. is it because your son attends P.S. 85?? We see you all the time walking around like you’re the Mayor. You are running Astoria to the ground with all your BS.

As for all the Citibikes around the area…… Its because of all the YUPPIE HIPSTERS invading Astoria. No one wants you here. Go back to California.

Have a nice day 🙂

Angela Donahue

They are FINALLY DOING WORK ON the N train and people still complain . When should they work on it when there’s a big snow storm and nobody goes into work. Give it a rest people they are not making you walk to work.


a shuttle bus stop for each of the stops affected?? More info please!! and where do you get that shuttle at Queens Plaza to come back. Agree with you Lucia, a bad joke from a group that abuses its riders daily!!


I actually like the shuttle buses along the route. I wish it was there as an alternative all year. The subway stations in Astoria look like that are full of dirt and lead.

your neighbor

Well, everybody complains about the crowded trains…so now they are complaining about the MTA doing work that will help them run more trains to ease the overcrowding? They’re running buses to Queens Plaza, we’ll all live through it.

As commenter Woken alluded to, it would be better if Citibike was fully rolled out before the MTA starts work, but like I said, we’ll all live through it.

Nice that they are also doing something about the noise reaching the school, seems like the school and PTA have been asking that something get done about it for at least a decade.


There are other schools and businesses along 31st Street aside from P.S. 85 you know? How about the apartment buildings too? Shutting down the N line on weekends, including holidays, and replacing them with shuttle buses? Yeah, way to go MTA. Increasing fares and decreasing service doesn’t go hand in hand.


I heard they are actually tearing down the entire line to make room for bike lanes and Citibike stations and will be BANNING cars.


You’re right, they should make the express lane into a bike lane from queensborough plaza to ditmars 🙂


Is this a joke? Do you have an idea how many people work on the weekends? I don’t want imagine the negative impact this will be in a lot of hard working people, im one of them.
Please don’t do that.
We NEED the N train running as usual.


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