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MTA calls for $110m for ‘N’ train station repairs

Ditmars_Blvd_Station_Entrance-Astoria-350x312Oct. 7, 2014 By Christian Murray

The MTA plans to spend more than $110 million on repairing Astoria’s six above-ground subway stations, according to its recently released capital plan.

The Astoria-Ditmars, Astoria Blvd, 30th Avenue, Broadway, 36th Avenue and 39th Avenue subway stations would each receive more than $18.8 million in “renewal” work starting in 2015, according to the MTA plan.

The work, if funded, would start in 2015 and end in 2016, according to the plan. The work involves upgrading the lighting, platforms and stairways at each station. Furthermore, it would involve the installation of elevators at the Astoria Blvd station and switch work by PS 85 to mitigate noise.

The MTA also plans to repair three  Woodside stations—52nd Street, 61st Street and 69th Streets—which would each receive more than $21 million depending on funding. That work would begin in 2017 and conclude in 2019.

“It’s good to see the MTA recognize that our train lines in western Queens are in dire need of upgrades,” said State Sen. Mike Gianaris. However, “It will take a concerted effort to make these plans a reality.”

“ I will keep the pressure on the MTA to deliver on our transit needs, on everything from improving service and renewing stations on the 7 line to adding elevators at Astoria Boulevard and reducing noise by PS 85.”

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Since I moved to Astoria 3 years ago this line is constantly being shut down for what i thought was repairs sooooo…. what have they been doing this whole time?

woodside guy

will future budgets provide adequate $$ to maintain them, or will we have to do this all over again in115-20 years?


Imagine how much less these repairs would cost if it were done by private sector workers. 18.7 million for a new staircase and some lighting? Unbelievable. what an amazing scam the MTA is.


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